SKA – CSKA: forecast and bet by Maxim Lebedev

Despite the absence of collections, that is, as it were, the strongest players of both teams, they came out of the Euro vacation with dignity. Petersburgers at home tore apart “Spartak”, and Muscovites in distant Helsinki painted the local “jokers” under Khokhloma. Further, both teams will strengthen, and we will undoubtedly have an amazing match, and even with decent overtones.

This subtext is that the rivals in the current season have met for the third time, both of the previous ones were in November with an interval of two weeks, both were held in Moscow, and both times Moscow was stronger. Moreover, in reality and much stronger, however, SKA was in a dull tailspin at that moment, “having caught six tricks in a minuscule amount,” that is, having suffered six defeats in a row. And the matches with CSKA were the third and sixth defeats in a row, after which, as a matter of fact, the Petersburgers first switched to horizontal flight, and then completely flooded up.

Having carefully watched the first matches of both opponents after the Europause, I still make my choice in favor of Moscow. Even the absence of a head coach influenced the team, perhaps, in a positive way. True, the St. Petersburg team will be stronger by their national teams, but all the same … I suppose that CSKA will end up not by washing, so by rolling it will score two points, and when exactly this will happen, in regular time or in the series of shootouts that ended in the morning, you can’t guess I’ll take it.

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