SKA – Spartak Moscow: forecast and bet of Maxim Lebedev

It is believed that Europauses are primarily needed by those KHL teams that, to put it mildly, did not play very well before the start of this Europause. Well, not so bad that nothing will help them this season. We are talking mainly about those who played and played, but in the end took a drink and, crawling on the ice like pregnant cuttlefish, dreamed of rest, like manna from heaven.

Neither SKA, let alone Spartak, are such teams. Petersburg mentor Valery Bragin even ended up in the top of the league coaches, and the red and white went on vacation, having an active streak of three victories in a row.

I suppose that this series in St. Petersburg will be covered with a copper basin. “Spartak” this season generally plays serially, like a seaside lighthouse – it burns, then it does not burn. And usually, stopping during acceleration does not lead to anything good. Even if a couple of dozen people were called up from SKA to the Channel One Cup, then the army team with their bench would be purple and perpendicular. But since this time from the base club of the national team there were players in the national team in homeopathic quantities, then everyone will be ready to tear and throw on December 20. And Bragin did not leave the team anywhere, and all this time he was engaged in it.

Therefore, with all due respect to Spartak, SKA will win in front of its audience. It will not be easy and problem-free, but the St. Petersburg team will still cope in regulation time and, I suppose, not even with a minimal advantage in the score, but with a decent advantage of two or three goals.

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