“Slepsk Suwalki” – “Varta”: forecast and rate of Timur Khabibullin

As part of the 14th round of the Polish Championship, Slepsk Suwalki will host Warta.

After the first round, Andrzej Koval’s players took the penultimate (13th) place, having won 3 out of 12 matches.

Perhaps, from the start of the season, the team showed not the most effective game in reception, thus at the end of the first round they finished with 16% excellent reception, which is quite a bit for this league. But they were able to neutralize by successful play in attack, showing on average 50% efficiency, taking 6th place in this element in the league along with Varta, which show the same efficiency in attack (50.08%). If we evaluate who the game is built around, the diagonal Bartlomey Bolonds obviously stands out, gaining an average of 3.5 points per set with an efficiency of more than 50%. For him, this season in the camp of the team became the third, and during this time he became a truly team leader, who in difficult moments is able to at least keep the difference in the course of games. In addition, just the other day, the contract with one of the team’s veterans with Libero Pavel Filipovich, who is in the team for the fifth season, was extended.

After 13 rounds, “Warta” took a worthy 5th place, having won 10 out of 13 matches. Largely thanks to the successful play of the duo of the outplayers: Urosh Kovacevic and Facundo Conte, the team began to show stable results, while the rest of the players improved their playing condition, thereby showing successful results in matches with teams of equal status.

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This season, the teams met in the 1st round of the Polish Championship, where Warta barely beat the volleyball players Slepsk Suwalki on the home court with a minimum score difference (-6).

It is important to note that Slepsk Suwalki have lost only once in 12 matches this season with a difference of more than 15 points, and in particular, in an away game against Sachsa (-18). The rest of the opponents, if they lost, then with a minimal difference in each of the parties. “Warta”, on the contrary, with this difference this season did not beat any of the teams. The key factor in this match will be the home court, as the fans will be allowed to enter the upcoming match, thus the support of the volleyball players of Slepsk Suwalki will be provided. I believe that the hosts in today’s meeting are able not only to keep the difference in the score, but also to impose a worthy struggle during the match.

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