Slovakia U20 – Russia 20: prediction and bet by Pavel Lysenkov

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You are on the RB Hockey channel, where we only talk about hockey. With you Pavel Lysenkov, let’s discuss with you the match of the youth world championship Slovakia – Russia. But first of all, I want to tell you that there is a lot of cool and interesting hockey content on the RB Hockey channel, where we discuss various hockey topics.

The Slovaks have lost two matches. They looked good against the Americans, lost 0: 3, but then scored two goals. There was a fight, the Slovaks could easily transfer the game into extra time. With the Swedes, they played 0: 3, but it struck me that they almost doubled the Swedes on the shots. The Slovaks dominated, threw, but nothing worked for them, while the Swedes beat the Russian national team in the class, just like the Russian national team. Slovaks are not timid guys, there are interesting hockey players. A possible defeat from Russia practically deprives the Slovaks of all chances for the playoffs, so they need to score some points, the mood will be fighting.

Russia had a day of rest. The day before there was a game with Switzerland, where we won 4: 2. It is striking that still not everything is in order with the goalkeepers. Guskov is now potentially number one, but it seems to me that Askarov will be put on the Slovaks, because Guskov should play for the match with the USA.

Based on the fact that the Swedes scored six goals for us, the Canadians also scored six in a friendly match, the Swiss managed to organize two goals, I would bet that the Slovaks will score at least three goals in this match. We have a misunderstanding with goalkeepers, and the defense is not the most reliable.

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Nevertheless, I would like to believe in the victory of the Russian national team, which gives us a way to the playoffs. This is my forecast, let’s see how it all goes.

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