Slovakia U20 – Russia U20: forecast and bet by Maxim Lebedev

Hello, friends! I am glad to welcome you to the “Bookmaker Rating”, or rather in that part of it, where they talk about hockey, only about hockey and about nothing but hockey. Today we are meeting with you for the last time in the past year, but, I hope, not the last time at all. There is more and more New Year’s mood, and even more good hockey. When I was little, I waited for the New Year not only because of Santa Claus and gifts, but also because on New Year’s Eve the Soviet Union national team went overseas, where they played a series of friendly matches either with the Canadian national team or with the NHL clubs. And these were the only night games that my parents allowed me to watch, and which I watched in splendid isolation, since all normal people were already asleep at that time.

A lot of time has passed, and now we are looking forward to the New Year also because the youth world ice hockey championship is being held at this time. Once we crumbled them all into small cabbage, and I remember how the Chelyabinsk resident Sergey Makarov was enchanting in the youth team, and Nikolai Nikolaevich Ozerov threatened everyone that Makarov would play for the youth team the next time, too, so tremble and be afraid.

Now we also have our own Makarov, only his surname Michkov. The national team, of course, is not as formidable today as it was under the Soviet Union, but we believe in it and hope no less than then. True, with age, expectations become calmer and hopes are hidden deeply, which is not surprising, because we have not won the youth world championships for more than ten years. Most likely, we will not win even now, because there are prerequisites, and many of the signs have already worked. And the match with the national team of Slovakia, which we are talking about now, is essentially a fight for the third place in the group. More precisely, the struggle not to take fourth and most likely not to fall under the Canadians in the quarterfinals. To be honest, I don’t want to fall under the Finns either, but here it may already be without options.

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Slovakia has shown itself to be a tough nut to crack in the first two matches of the World Cup. True, the strength of this Slovaks was not even enough to score at least one single point in two games, but they looked pretty decent. We will have an advantage in relaxation on our side, and it may well be decisive. In any case, we have not yet lost to the Slovaks at the youth level, but we won all seven “get-togethers”. Well, since we didn’t lose, then … now there’s nothing to start. Therefore, I will assume the victory of the Russian national team in regulation time and with an advantage of two or more goals.

As for other predictions, welcome to the “Bookmaker Rating”. There are never enough forecasts here, but now there is still a regular program called “The Hockey Department”, and its 32nd issue has just been released on the RB-Hockey channel. To watch is not to revise. And most importantly – Happy 2022! Let him not be as crazy as the one leaving.

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