Snooker betting: how to beat the line at a distance?

Snooker betting: how to beat the line at a distance?

Betting on snooker is a bet on an intellectual sport in which it is of paramount importance not how good the player is from a technical point of view and how well he is able to execute each hit (play-back or attack hit), but then, how well and consistently the player is able to do it under pressure and over a long period of time.

Snooker betting - strategies to win

Long format matches (up to 9, 10 wins per frame) can take from 6 to 8 hours of net playing time. A frame usually lasts 20 to 30 minutes. During this time, the player walks more than 10 kilometers around the table, which requires a certain level of physical fitness. That being said, when he’s off the table, all he can do is watch his opponent win the frame.

Snooker is a non-contact (at the physical level), unlimited in time (no specific time is allocated to determine the winner) kind of sport. In addition to technical skill and playing skills, psychological toughness and strategic thinking are of paramount importance.

John Higgins (snooker legend)

John Higgins. “The Wizard of Wishaw” (5-time world champion, 30 victories in rating tournaments)

The name comes from the slang term “snooker” (from English snook – long-nosed; snooker – to cheat), which in the British army called freshmen and inexperienced military personnel, and Chamberlain often used it to describe the inept performance of one of his colleagues at the table. Since then, the name has quickly stuck with the players and the game.

The purpose of the game and the difference from other types of billiards

The goal of the game is to score more points on your account than your opponent’s. There is no time limit for a match in the game, as well as for each specific hit, with the exception of some tournaments, the regulations of which specify otherwise.

Snooker is a game of exits. “Exit” is placing the cue-ball, after a strike, in such an area of ​​the table, from which it will be convenient to strike, on the next ball. Exit means that getting the ball into the pocket is not enough. You also need to put the cue ball in such a position, from where it will be convenient to strike the next blow.

Snooker is a serial game. Skill in organizing exits and calculating position leads to the player’s ability to build long continuous series of blows and, due to this, win the game.

The main difference between snooker and other types of billiards lies in the size of the table, as well as in the pocket cut, which has a key effect on the technique of striking.

I will not focus on these aspects, because the ratio of the three main types of billiards: snooker, pool, Russian billiards deserves a separate article, and possibly a full-fledged book. In order for you to appreciate how complex and multifaceted this game is, I will draw an analogy between snooker and Russian billiards.

[color-box color=”yellow”]Russian billiards called chess in motion.

Snooker Is chess in motion, blindly, on 16 boards.[/color-box]

Belarusian craftsman Dmitry Chuprov

Dmitry Chuprov is the author of the first officially registered 100th break in the history of Belarus

Snooker rules

There are 22 balls on the playing surface of the table.

  • White ball – cue ball;
  • 6 colored balls, each of which has its own value (number of points), as well as a mark on the table;
  • 15 red balls;
  • The blows are applied only to the cue ball.

Balls cost

Ball color Colour Glasses
Red 1 point
Yellow 2 points
Green 3 points
Brown 4 points
Blue 5 points
Pink 6 points
Black 7 points

The initial position of the balls on the table

how to place balls in snooker

The cue ball is used to hit the balls. Players must alternately pocket the red and colored balls. As long as the red balls remain on the table, pocketed colored balls are returned to their positions. The one of the players who scores the most points wins.

In case of the same number of points, the frame is played out with one black ball. In this case, the referee flips a coin to determine who will strike first. The black ball is placed on its mark, and the cue-ball is in sector D.

In snooker, a stalemate is possible when hitting red balls does not contribute to the continuation of the frame. In this case, by agreement between the players and the referee, the frame is restarted.

Types of snooker bets


Handicap betting is used mainly in short-distance matches. When the bookmaker gives an unreasonably high odds for a positive handicap for the underdog. For example, a handicap of +2.5 in a match up to 4 wins can be estimated with odds from 1.45 to 2.29, which can certainly be a value bet. I rarely play a minus handicap, even if I am confident in the victory of a particular snooker player, because a minus handicap assumes only one variant of the development of the match, in which the supposed winner will not leave any chances to the outsider.


Total bets are made according to the same principle. The relatively short format of the match is important. The previous history of confrontations and an understanding of what scenarios the match can develop is important. What styles are playing this match? Is one of them capable of delivering a series of winning frames and keeping the opponent away from the table?


The main mistake of the bookmaker is that the painting for breaks is directly related to the odds on W1 and P2. That is, if a player can be bet on a win for the odds of 1.45, then on his larger break, you can bet for about the same odds. At the same time, the bookmaker does not take into account that a stronger player may be less serial, or may not have the motivation to make a bigger break. For example, take one of the most serial snooker players in history, Judd Trump (# 1 ranked as of February 2020). After Trump makes a hundredth break, he relaxes and begins to execute unnecessarily risky punches in order to please the audience. As a consequence, the top break does not always belong to him on the scoresheet. At the same time, he is one of the most serial players in history and may become the best in this indicator at the end of his career.


The main difficulty in betting live on snooker is the very possibility of placing this bet. There is a very low probability that it will be possible to bet on the winner during the frame, while having a strong advantage. As soon as an ambiguous situation arises on the table, which can become such after each strike, the acceptance of bets on this event is suspended and resumed again when the bookmaker already correctly estimates the probability of victory of one or another snooker player. Nevertheless, knowing the intricacies of the game and the state of each player in the match, you can find an edge here too, betting on the victory of the snooker players in a particular frame before it starts.

Long-term rates

In this case, we are talking about a bet on the winner in the tournament before it starts, as well as during the course of the tournament. It is extremely difficult to take advantage of the bookmaker’s mistake here, but for those who like to test their luck and forecasting abilities, this type of bet is a good option and rather resembles investment rather than sports betting. Usually, in this case, the odds are not given to the favorite of the tournament less than 4. Then there are more and more attractive odds.

winning a snooker tournament - odds before the start

Exact score

Correct score betting takes place in the case of a short match format. For example a match up to 4 or 5 wins. The short distance allows you to more accurately predict the winner of the match with a specific score and bring tangible winnings, since the odds for a bet with this outcome are extremely high. Especially if you think the underdog will win.

bets on the exact score in the line

Value bets in snooker

As in any sport, the main indicator by which the bookmaker sets odds for an event is the rating of the players. The rating is undoubtedly an objective benchmark, but the one who is guided not by the rating, but by the current form of the players has the advantage. To do this, you need to follow the players. The main strategy for betting on snooker is knowing what the strengths and weaknesses of the players are; in what form the player will fit for the next tournament, based on tournament motivation and rating. Nobody canceled the opportunity to be interested in the personal life of players through social networks. The information that you can get there is unlikely to be taken into account by the bookmaker, which is based on the rating. And a snooker player who is outside the top 64 can play an incredible match. It is only important to know what prerequisites and real factors can affect this.

Pay attention to the young Chinese players now. And also how they are often underestimated by bookmakers. I think that within the next 5-10 years there will be an order of magnitude more of them in Main Tour.

Future snooker champion from China

Bookmakers accepting snooker bets in 2020

Snooker is the world’s largest market for sports events and all major legal bookmakers have a signature on this sport. The most profitable in terms of odds and list, in my opinion, are given by: BK Marathon and BK 1X Bet, where bets on breaks and on the exact score appear in the list.

The highs for snooker are more likely three-digit dollar amounts. If we talk about Big Markets, then these amounts can be four-digit, but no more.

How to make a living betting on snooker?

In conclusion, I want to say that not a single article will teach you how to bet with an edge over the line. Whether it’s snooker or any other sport. If you want to have a real edge over the bookie and bet on snooker, you should keep a close eye on this sport, which won’t be easy.

There are over a hundred professional players on the main tour. Each of these players have their own style of play. Everyone has gone their own way to be in this league. Everyone has dedicated their lives to this sport and it is the main source of income for the top 32 snooker players.

Yes, this sport will never be more popular than tennis or boxing, let alone team sports, but if you start to follow this game, seeks to understand what is happening at the table and what the player’s idea is, then during the next major tournament you will be what to see, and of course what to bet on.

Bonus Video: Judd Trump is the reigning World Snooker Champion and # 1 World Ranking for the 2019/20 season.

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