Sochi – Spartak: forecast and bet of Maxim Lebedev

How do Sochi residents get to the playoffs? “Torpedo” wins, Minskers win, but the southerners can get there only by throwing out one of the above two teams. And the calendar to Andrey Nazarov’s team is quite loyal. But if you take only one point in Podolsk, and even then with a creak, then how to get to the playoffs?

Now we need to beat Spartak, and this will be much more difficult than Vityaz, but only from one side. Because for the residents of Podolsk, Sochi is a principal rival, but for the red-and-white people it is quite the opposite. And without increased motivation, Spartak loses something so invisible and incomprehensible that it does not allow him to win even against the weakest KHL teams.

Therefore, for the upcoming match, I will formulate the following forecast: I will assume that the hosts will score something in it. That is, they will not lose in regular time. Will resist. They will gnaw the ice according to Nazarov’s behests. Then they may lose, because they are still inferior to Spartak. But it will be only later, and the southerners will still take at least a point, although it will not help them much.

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