“Southampton” – “Leicester”: prediction and rate of Ivan Mlechny

Another Premier League game that I would like to discuss is the meeting between Southampton and Tottenham.

Honestly, I don’t want to invent something in this match. Obviously, we are waiting for a match between teams polarized from each other. “Southampton” this season is more fighting for survival than for some high places, however, like last year. The club, of course, gains its points, but of the significant results in games with the strongest teams of the Premier League, the team can boast only draws with City, West Ham and United. Moreover, they were all at the start of the season. “Southampton” easily loses points with obvious outsiders and now, when all the giants have gained a good move, they will hardly be able to oppose something to their current rival.

With the arrival of Conte, Tottenham became more stable, unless of course you count the matches of the Conference League (who needs this tournament?). The club is gaining its points and has already climbed to fifth place. Obviously, the team’s task is to get into the Champions League, and for this it is necessary to catch up with Arsenal, which is six points ahead. But, most interestingly, due to the coronavirus and a number of transfers to the Premier League, Spurs have three matches in reserve, so it will be quite easy to do this. Finally, Kane started to score, Sleep is in the finest form, so I don’t think Tottenham will have any problems in this meeting.

My prediction for this match is that Tottenham will win with a -1 handicap. Southampton have conceded quite a lot this season, while with the arrival of Conte the Spurs have started to play more stable in defense and at the same time to act much more efficiently in attack.

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