“Southampton” – “Tottenham”: forecast and rate of Vladimir Chaplygin

If we approach the assessment of the total fouls bar, then there can be no complaints about the analysts. Last season, the Premier League on average recorded 21.78 fouls per game, and the year before last – 21.46. So the 21.5-point divide seems to be the most appropriate. But at the same time, it is worth paying attention to which teams are meeting today.

Southampton has averaged 22.1 fouls in their last 20 games. If we take the last matches with the participation of Tottenham, then the average value there is 23.1. If we take only home meetings of “Southampton” and away “Tottenham”, then the indicators will go up. For the home team, the average foul rate will grow to 23.6, and for the guests – to 24.2.

It is also worth taking a close look at the history of personal meetings. In 10 matches, the average number of fouls per game stood at 24. If we take only the home confrontations between Southampton and Tottenham, the figure rises to 27. And in all these five matches, the total over 21.5 fought its way with enviable constancy. The range is from 23 to 35 violations of the rules.

Simon Hooper has been appointed Chief Justice. In the last 15 matches with his participation, the average number of violations of the rules is 23.3. If we take the last 20, then the number there will freeze at around 24. In general, all indicators indicate that here it is worth playing the total more.

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