“Southampton” – “Tottenham”: prediction and rate of Arthur Petrosyan

Both teams are on the rise, and the match should be filled with quality.

The Saints were good at visiting the far from simple Crystal Palace and deservedly took away a draw from there, and on Boxing Day they masterfully dealt with West Ham, beating the Hammers away. The Hasenhüttl team is generally difficult to understand – it can look without ideas and weak-willed for a long time, but then suddenly appear in the best light and play exactly the way the coach wants. In any case, right now the Southerners are on the rise – five goals scored in two matches, and the lost efficiency in attacking actions is again becoming a hallmark of the team.

Well, Spurs have four wins in their last five matches and a draw with Liverpool. Tottenham are playing aggressively, powerfully, as Conte asks, and as long as it works. Palace, for example, had no chance of opposing anything to this pressure at all. I think Londoners will play in a similar vein here too, they will act from a position of strength.

I will assume that Tottenham will not lose, but at least once Southampton will be able to distinguish themselves.

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