Stefanos Tsitsipas – Hubert Gurkach: prediction and rate of Sergei Fomin

The confrontation between Tsitsipas and Gurkach has already totaled nine episodes, despite the fact that both athletes are young (23 and 24 years old, respectively). For a clear advantage, the Greek is leading, 7: 2, however, a large number of fights with the exchange of sets are striking, a tie-break was played four times. Gurkach does not give up without a fight to his status opponent.

In the upcoming game, the Polish tennis player will have even more chances of winning. The fact is that Tsitsipas failed at the end of the season, there was damage, he even had to go under the knife. After the operation, Stefanos has not yet played, his current state raises questions.

A plus for Gurkach can be a motivation factor: the Greeks, with all due respect to the team, flew to Sydney as tourists, the composition is weak. And the Poles have a good couple, the talented Maykhrzhak in the role of the second number. There are prospects, the Polish national team is definitely worth watching.

Our Prediction: Individual Total Games Gurkach 11.5 Over 1.72 Fonbet

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