Strategy and bets on the “Progression System” in football

Strategy and bets on the “Progression System” in football

The essence of the “Progression system”

The “Progression System” strategy is based on a statistical law, according to which the number of wins and losses is approximately the same during a long betting game. If you just flip a coin when analyzing sports events, the percentage of winning bets will be close to 50.

Progression system

Counting rules

Let’s say you decided to apply the “Progression System” and bet 1000 rubles on one of your chosen positions in football. If the first bet loses, then the next one is increased by three units. If the first bet comes in, then the next one is lowered by two units. If at the end of the above operations you get a certain profit, then the series must be completed and, after a short pause, resume it with the amount of the original bet.

Advantages of the “Progression System” strategy

The “progression system” is perfect for betting beginners who have not yet learned the basic laws of the betting world. First, it is simple, unlike more complex systems in which you really need to break your head. Secondly, the option of losing the bank to smithereens is practically excluded. As we remember, according to the “Progression Strategy” the number of winning and losing bets is approximately equal and is about 50 percent. This strategy is designed for playing at a distance and eliminates the instant loss of the bank, when an inexperienced gambler leaves all his money to the bookmaker out of emotion.

Analogy with trading on the stock exchange

The “Progression System” strategy implies a systematic increase in the bank from rate to rate with minimal risk of losing the entire bank. If you have a certain amount of money and are looking for a convenient way to spin money at a bookmaker’s office, then this strategy will suit you best. That is why this strategy is often compared to trading on the stock exchange, when a security is bought at a low cost, followed by market research and sale on more favorable terms. In betting, the situation is similar in meaning: at the beginning, the player has a certain starting amount, which is necessary for subsequent operations, if the first bet did not play. Usually, the start in a series according to this strategy is made with a bet of at least 10 units.

An example of a strategy game “Progression system”

Let’s consider the action of this strategy using a simple example. Let’s say a bettor finds a team that often wins away. In this case, the odds for her next victory outside her home walls is 2.0. According to the strategy, the first bet is 5,000 rubles, while we will take 1,000 rubles per unit. Suppose the first bet did not work, and the player gave the first 5000 rubles to the bookmaker. Therefore, the player makes the second bet in the amount of 8000 rubles on the victory of the same team in the next away match for the odds of 2.23.

Two options are possible here: if the bet has not been played again, then the next bet is made in the amount of 11,000 rubles, if the bet is successful, then we multiply 8,000 * 2.23 and get 17,840 rubles. We subtract the first two bets, the amount of which is 5000 + 8000 = 13000 rubles. As a result, 17840-13000 = 4840 rubles. Thus, the net winnings are equal to 4840 rubles.

Features of the strategy

To make this strategy a road to success and earnings for you, and not a path to nowhere, decide at the start with the amounts of maximum winnings and losses. Carefully approach the issue of studying statistics before the matches on which you are going to place a bet. Do not bet on unknown championships, especially those in which a lot of goals are scored. From the top leagues, the championships of France and Russia are ideal. Bet more on defensive teams. Also, do not rush to bet at the beginning of the season, but take a closer look and turn on when the games are more amenable to analysis. Consider all the above recommendations and remember that there are no win-win systems, otherwise there would be no bookmaker’s office in the world for a long time.

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