Strategy “Strong-willed victory of the favorite” for betting on football

Strategy “Strong-willed victory of the favorite” for betting on football

A strong-willed victory means that the team that was inferior in the score at a certain stage of the game wins the match. Betting on the strong-willed victory of the favorite in football can be profitable if done wisely.

Usually, the odds for the victory of a strong team over a weak one are low and it is unprofitable to bet on them, but everything changes if the favorite suddenly begins to lose in the score during the match. This dramatically changes the quotes and allows you to bet at a more profitable odds. Such bets are not always profitable, and we will talk about this in more detail in our article.


The main principles of the strategy

The bets on the favorite at low odds at the distance are invariably driven into the red, so you need to look for other options. One of these is betting on the strong-willed victory of the favorite in football.

Usually, a goal conceded by a strong team in the first half of the match dramatically changes the balance of power and odds. But you shouldn’t bet on all the favorites losing in the course of the match, this will inevitably lead to the loss of the bank. It is necessary to follow the game and understand whether the stronger team will be able to recoup.

Pay attention to the following points:

  • Weak team scored by chance or not;
  • Who has the advantage during the match;
  • Does the favorite play in the optimal composition;
  • Do the players of a strong team have enough motivation;
  • What tactics did the coach choose for the match?
  • Are there any signs of a fixed match?

You must clearly understand why the favorite is losing the score at the moment, whether he has the strength and, most importantly, the desire to turn the tide of an unsuccessfully developing match.

When is it better to put

Speaking of bets on a strong-willed victory, it is understood that they will be made during the match, that is, in live. The player must determine in advance the suitable pairs of participants and follow their matches.

It is imperative to choose confrontations with pronounced favorites and outsiders. In the course of the game, if there is an opportunity for a surebet, you can play it safe, but many bettors prefer to take risks and not reduce the potential winnings.

Sometimes you can bet on the strong-willed victory of the favorite in the prematch; such bets are available in many bookmakers. But here it is important to understand that often this is fortune telling on the coffee grounds, because it is impossible to predict in advance how the match will develop.

Matches where there is a favorite and an outsider are best suited, but they are not as obvious as for live bets. In addition, you can choose the right match by the factor of the home stands and the coach’s tactics. Still, we advise you to place bets only live and while watching the match in person.

Important tips for beginners

And here are some tips that will tell you how best to bet according to the strategy “Strong-willed victory of the favorite”:

  1. The favorite plays in the optimal composition, its leaders are in good shape and have a sufficient level of motivation;
  2. It is desirable that the strongest team play at their home stadium;
  3. Look at the statistics of the favorite’s matches, when he loses in the score during the match, how often he manages to turn the tide of the game;
  4. Do not bet after the 75th minute, as there is too little time left for wagering;
  5. It is not necessary to bet on a clean win, you can play it safe with a handicap;
  6. Can be combined with the “Dogon” strategy;
  7. Do not bet more than 20% of your bankroll at a time;
  8. Do not sell your bet during the match, even if you are in doubt about its passage.

Playing according to the strategy “Strong-willed victory of the favorite”, you can stay in positive territory at a distance, but for this it is important to be well versed in football, to select matches correctly and monitor their progress.

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