Sweden U20 – USA U20: forecast and bet by Maxim Lebedev

It’s interesting, you know, to write a prediction for the match, which may not be there. But what is the situation today? Well, first of all, Switzerland is as lucky as it could not have dreamed of. The Americans successfully killed the Slovaks, but the Swiss did not have time, because they themselves were killed. As far as I understand, if the match with the Swedes is also canceled due to two unfortunate people with positive tests (and do not go anywhere in preparation for such an important tournament), then the new IIHF president will be banned from entering the United States for life.

The upcoming match is very important for the Russian national team, because it will close the group stage program with the Americans. The Americans will be allowed to the Swedes, which means that we will have to play with an almost 100% guarantee. They won’t let us – with almost the same guarantee we can start preparing for the quarterfinals.

Well, if the match does happen, then for now I see the advantage of the Swedes. Because the Swedes have had an advantage over everyone in group tournaments for fifteen years now. Even, imagine, over Canada at the MFM, taking place in Canada. Well, then, in the quarterfinals, they crash into Finland with a crash, and walk in the forest, the sun of the palima. But in group tournaments the Swedes have no equal.

Therefore, the Swedes will win anyway. If America is not allowed, they will win technically, with a score, as it is now accepted 1: 0. They will admit – the advantage will be a little more. But in any case, the Swedes will win, and in regulation time.

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