System 2 of 3 in hockey

System 2 of 3 in hockey

System bets are not as popular in betting as, for example, single bets or express bets, due to the fact that the essence of the system is not entirely clear, there is no excitement and large odds. However, in order to minimize risk and stay profitable, the simplest strategy is the most suitable – the 2 of 3 system.

System 2 of 3 in hockey

What is play by systems

The system is a combination of selected events, consisting of express bets. The dimension of the system can be any and is described by two numbers, the most optimal and understandable system is 2 out of 3. The number “2” indicates the number of matches in the express train, the number “3” – the number of combined express trains from the selected three matches within the system itself. In other words, the principle of betting with the 2 out of 3 system is that when choosing three matches, the bookmaker will make three express trains according to the “each with each” game system, containing two matches.

System features 2 of 3

This strategy is recommended to be used if the bettor is confident in three matches, but there is a possibility that one match may lose. If a bet of three events had been made as part of an express train and one match had been lost, then the winning would have been 0; in the case of playing by the system for the same events, despite the defeat in one match, the player will remain with a profit.

Example of a 2 of 3 system in hockey

In order to start playing with the 2 out of 3 system, you need to select the three events you are interested in (the actions are the same when betting on an express train of three events), and select the type of bet “System. Dimension 2 of 3 “(or its analogy).

For example, in order to place a bet on the 2 of 3 system in hockey for total more, we select the events of interest to us, then select “System. Dimension 2 out of 3 “, after which we enter the bet amount, for example, 3000 conventional units (hereinafter – conventional units).

System 2 of 3

System 2 of 3 in hockey

Now the bet will be three express trains with two events in each, and the bet amount will be equally divided into three express trains (in our case, 1000 USD for each express train). In other words, the rate will look like this:

  • Ice Landing – Red Wings – more than 8.5 (odds. 1.78);
    Stalker – Red Wings – more (odds. 1.88).
    Total: 1.77 x 1.8 = 3.346
  • Ice Landing – Red Wings – more than 8.5 (odds. 1.78);
    Suomi warriors – Gladiator – more than 8.5 (coefficient 1.77).
    Total: 1.77 x 1.77 = 3.151
  • Stalker – Red Wings – more (odds. 1.8);
    Suomi Warriors – Gladiator – more than 8.5 (od. 1.77)
    Total: 1.8 x 1.77 = 3.328

How is a 2 of 3 win in hockey calculated?

In order to calculate the winnings and determine the profit of the bets on the game with the 2 out of 3 system, consider the above bet, if in the first two matches they scored nine goals, and in the third – less than nine. In other words, in this case, we played only the first express, which means that the winnings will be: 1000 x 3.346 = 3.346 USD, and the net profit will be 346 USD, since the total amount of the bet is 3000 USD. e.
If all three matches are played, the winnings will be calculated as follows:
3346 + 3151 + 3328 = 9.825, net profit is 6825 c.u.

Is it profitable to play on a 2 of 3 system?

In order to determine the advantages and disadvantages, consider the winnings and the corresponding profit in the above example in the case of single, express or system bets:

Ordinary Express System
Winnings 5430 17 769.39 9825
Profit 2430 14 769.39 6825

As you can see from the table, the greatest profit will be with the express bet, however, the risk in this case is the highest, since it is necessary that all three matches are played.

Advantages and disadvantages of betting on systems

The main advantage This strategy, with correctly selected coefficients (it is necessary that the coefficient for each express system is more than three), is that in order to make a profit, you need to win one of the three express bets.

TO disadvantages include the following:

  • limiting the size of bets on systems;
  • there is a lower and upper ranges of coefficients included in the system;
  • the absence in a number of bookmakers of such a betting option as a system.

In order to acquaint with even more types of bets and strategies, mightytips invites you to visit the “School of Betting” section.

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