System in bets: from A to Z in simple language

System in bets: from A to Z in simple language

Many bettors do not fully understand the essence of the “system” bet and, due to common ignorance, avoid it, although it can bring good profit. In our article we will tell you what a system is, how to calculate it correctly, the main pros and cons, as well as some game strategies.

What is a betting system

Bookmakers mainly offer their players 3 types of bets: single, express and system. And if the first two types are well known and understandable even to beginners in the field of betting, then many have difficulties with the latter, although in fact there is nothing to be afraid of.

The system is a combination of several express bets, the number of which is determined by the bettor. The key difference is that for the final win, the passage of absolutely all events is not necessary, there may be options in which one or more outcomes will not pass.

Simply put, you make not one express, but several at once, indicating their dimensions, for example, 3/4. This means that you choose 4 events combined into multiples with 3 outcomes each. In total, you will get 4 combinations, and for the final win you need 3 of them to pass. The total amount of your bet will be equally divided among all bets.

How systems are calculated

With the basics sorted out, now let’s take a look at exactly how the system is calculated. Take the 3/4 system mentioned above as an example. Let’s imagine that you have bet 4000 rubles on it and have selected the following events:

  • Burnley – Newcastle United P1 for 2;
  • Sheffield United – Aston Villa P1 for 1.9;
  • Wolverhampton – Tottenham Hotspur P2 for 2.2;
  • Manchester United – Everton P1 for 1.8.
Express Match 1 Match 2 Match 3 Match 4 Bet amount Express ratio Winnings
1 Losing 1.9 2.2 1.8 1000 7.5 7500
2 2 Losing 2.2 1.8 1000 7.9 7900
3 2 1.9 Losing 1.8 1000 6.8 6800
4 2 1.9 2.2 Losing 1000 8.3 8300

As you can see in the table, we got 4 express trains with 3 events in each. The total bet amount of 4,000 rubles was divided equally between the express trains, each of which ended up with 1,000 rubles.

You can see your winnings (taking into account the amount of the bet) when passing each of the express trains. If out of 4 matches 2 or more outcomes fail, the whole system will lose completely.

Now let’s calculate your winnings in case of passing all 4 events: (1.9 x 2.2 x 1.8) x 1000 + (2 x 2.2 x 1.8) x 1000 + (2 x 1.9 x 1.8) x 1000 + (2 x 1.9 x 2.2) x 1000 = 7500 + 7900 + 6800 + 8300 = 30500. An impressive amount, isn’t it?

But for comparison, let’s imagine that you have made all these 4 selections into one express and won. In this case, 4000 rubles will need to be multiplied by a factor of 16, which will ultimately lead to a win of 64,000 rubles. As you can see, this is twice the amount. But this is the price of reinsurance. This is precisely the meaning of the system.

You can calculate other betting options in the system according to the same principle. But if you do not want to bother yourself with such calculations once again, you can simply use one of the online calculators of the systems, which is on the website of many bookmakers. To do this, simply type the query “Express system calculator” in the search engine and select any option you like.

Features of compilation

To place such a bet in a bookmaker’s office is as easy as shelling pears. First, you add the events you are interested in to the coupon, and then select the “system” bet type. After entering the amount of your bet, the coupon will automatically display the minimum possible winnings.

System in bets

Example of a coupon with a system

As for the restrictions, they are individual for each specific bookmaker, but at the same time they all have common features:

  • The most important limitation is the inability to include interrelated and duplicate events in the system, you simply cannot add them to one coupon.
  • If an express train consists of at least two different events, then the system consists of three.
  • The maximum number of selections is usually limited to 12-20 events depending on the rules of the particular bookmaker.
  • The maximum possible win rate is also usually limited, but it depends on many factors. To find out, add the events you are interested in to the coupon and see more detailed information about the bet.
  • The number of combinations also has its own limitations and depends on the particular bookmaker.
  • The minimum bet amount is usually from 50 to 100 rubles and is determined by the rules of the bookmaker in which you play.

Pros and cons of the system

Like any other type of bet, the system has both pros and cons. We will now tell you about them.

Main advantages

  • The ability to play it safe. If at least one event does not pass in the express bet, it loses. Several events can easily fail in the system, and you will still win.
  • High odds. And although the odds for the system cannot be compared with the express bet, they are still quite high and promise a potentially good win. You can easily make a profit that is 2-3 times higher than the amount of the bet, without even guessing all the events.
  • The ability to choose from a variety of sports. The system is perfect for betting on a wide variety of sports disciplines, not only top ones, but also less popular ones. There are systems in almost every bookmaker’s office.

Main disadvantages

  1. Higher margin. Due to the fact that you choose many disciplines, along with the odds, you also multiply the margin, and this can adversely affect the long-term distance.
  2. Difficulty understanding. Although the system does not present any difficulties for experienced players, many beginners and even seasoned bettors avoid it due to the fact that they do not want to spend time trying to figure it out.
  3. Ambiguous wins. You can calculate the outcomes and potential winnings in simple systems, but in more complex systems, you may never know exactly how much you will win in case of absolutely every scenario. Sometimes even a victory can turn into a final loss of money, and it is difficult to foresee this in advance.

Betting strategies and tips

It is difficult to name any one strategy that will be guaranteed to bring profit and minimize risks. The most important rule is to bet only on what you are good at and never give in to emotions.

If we talk directly about the system, then we can consider two good strategies: bets on draws and on outsiders.

Taking into account the fact that draws are quite common in football, and the odds for this event are usually high, you can try to select matches of approximately equal opponents, who often end their fights with peaceful outcomes and put them into one system.

Outsider betting can also be profitable if you have a good idea of ​​when to catch the right match. For a weaker team, the coefficient is usually very high, but it so happens that many factors speak in its favor. In this case, you can take a chance and try to hit a big jackpot.

As for the tips, I would like to share the following:

  1. Try to choose outcomes with odds of at least 2;
  2. If you haven’t fully figured out exactly how the system works, it’s better not to make such bets;
  3. Whenever possible, select events with approximately the same odds.

Should I use the system in my game?

If we consider this issue solely from the point of view of statistics, then over a long distance the system is an unprofitable betting option. The main reason is the multiplication of the margin, which ultimately reduces the player’s profit.

However, many experienced bettors have been successfully using the system for a long time and receive stable profits from it. Here, as in any other types of bets, the individual qualities of each player are much more important, how well he prepares each of his bets, how much he knows how to manage himself and his emotions, whether he knows when to stop on time, and so on.

The system can be used in your game, but for this you must be sufficiently prepared. Otherwise, lower odds and multiplying bookmaker’s margins will leave you at a loss.

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