Table tennis betting – how to bet and earn correctly

Table tennis betting – how to bet and earn correctly

Bets on table tennis can be turned into a plus only in one case – if you plunge headlong into the ratings, match statistics, information about injuries and the current form of players. Putting on table tennis like a popan is a road to nowhere.

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Table tennis as a sport

Table tennis was invented by mankind quite a long time ago – at the end of the nineteenth century, however, it became an Olympic sport quite recently – since 1988. Despite the fact that in our post-Soviet latitudes this game, sometimes mistakenly called ping-pong, has not received much recognition, in many regions of the world, especially in Asia, it is one of the most popular sports with about 850 million fans. The main international table tennis tournaments are the World Cup and the Olympic Games, however, even without top competitions in the world, numerous tournaments of different formats and prize funds are held every day. As mentioned above, many fans incorrectly call table tennis ping-pong, thinking that it is the same sport. Despite the external similarity of both types, ping-pong has important differences, which are reflected in the final fights in this sport.

Vladimir Samsonov - table tennis player

Table tennis rules

In short, to play table tennis you need a table of the appropriate size, two or four (depending on the number of players) rackets, and a special table tennis ball. A grid must be fixed in the center of the table, which forms the boundary of the playing areas of the participants in a tennis match. As soon as one of the players has served the ball, having broken it on the opponent’s half of the table, the opposite player must again break the ball in the opposite direction, while the ball must touch the table in the opponent’s half. If, after the ball touches the table, the opponent was unable to re-transfer it to the opponent’s part of the table, then he is awarded a loss in the mini-draw, and a point is awarded to the opponent on the contrary.

Table tennis competitions consist of several games. The games, in turn, consist of rallies, each of which starts with a serve. In the world of table tennis, matches are played, ranging from three to seven games. When betting on the total of parties or the total number of points in a match, be sure to make sure of the exact regulations of the given tournament or duel. In the game itself, the opponents fight until eleven points are won, but there are often times when both opponents come up to the decisive point with the score 10:10. In this case, the opponents play the so-called “over-under”, when one of the opponents needs to break away by two points in order to leave the party behind. If you have firmly decided that table tennis is your sport for successful bets, we recommend that you carefully and carefully study the rules of this game, the basics of which we gave a little higher to get acquainted with the sport called table tennis. And now – to the rates on this fascinating, but completely unexplored view!

Table tennis bet types

Outcome betting. Nothing complicated: either the first opponent wins, or the second. No tie is implied in table tennis.

Handicap betting. As many remember, a handicap is a definite advantage of one of the opponents, expressed in points, goals, games, sets. There are two types of handicap bets in table tennis – handicap on points in a match and handicap on parties. If you bet on a minus handicap in terms of points in a match, then be especially careful for the reason that a player can win on points with a handicap, but lose the match. How is this possible? Quite simply, let’s look at an example:

total table tennis match

Let’s say we believe in the victory of the first player (Melkueva) and bet on her negative handicap (-1.5) for a coefficient of 1.95. We find out in the tournament regulations that the match takes place up to five games and follow the score: 11: 9, 3:11, 14:12, 8:11, 16:14. Based on the above figures, V. Melkueva becomes the winner of the match against Filippova, however, the handicap (-1.5) does not break through, which makes your bet lost. The result of the match on points: 52:57 in favor of the tennis player who lost the match. Be careful when choosing bets on a handicap or a clear outcome in the match, because, as you can see, this is not always the same bet. In addition, as mentioned above, there are bets on handicap by parties, which should also not be confused with bets on handicap by points. Using the example of our match between two Russian women in table tennis, we note that the match ended in games with a score of 3: 2 in favor of Melkueva, which indicates that the bet on the handicap (-1.5) was lost in games in this match.

Betting for total. As with handicaps, there are several options when playing totals.

  • First, bets are accepted on the individual total of both opponents.

individual total in table tennis match

  • Secondly, by adding two main individual totals, you get the total total by points, which the bookmaker offers you to play.

Handicap bet on the outcome

In addition to individual and total totals, you can play the total of the match by parties, which is also quite popular among the players.

bet on total by parties

As you can see, in this Master Toura match, held in Russia, the maximum number of games in a match is five, however, in competitions of a different type, variations from three to seven games are possible. Find out the rules before the start of the match and do not rely too much on cunning bookmakers, whose data on a particular match or tournament are only informative.

You can also place a bet on the total in each separate party both on the total amount of points and on the individual indicators of the players.

total in a single game

Bets on the correct score by lot. These markets are also of considerable interest to table tennis bettors due to the decent odds on any of the options. So, in a tennis match, where it is possible to see as much as possible five games, there are six variations of the final score for the parties:

Correct score betting

In this case, we have brought you a match of approximately equal rivals, for the victory of each of which the bookmaker offers odds in the region of 1.8-1.9. As you can see, any of the final score variations in such a match will have a decent coefficient around 5.0. However, there is a high probability of getting to a match where the balance of power is known in advance. For example, for the victory of one of the opponents, in our case for the second player, the odds along the line are equal to 1.12.

If this very player wins without giving up a single game to the opponent, the bookmaker is ready to multiply your funds by a weighty coefficient of 2.06, which will undoubtedly make a bigger increase to your bank than odds of 1.12. True, the experience of playing table tennis bets suggests that even the recognized favorites do not always spend their maximum strength and win in three games. Consider the statistics of the players before betting on the correct table tennis score.

A bet on the outcome of the first game / the whole match. Unlike the previous types of bets, there are no special complications and subtleties in this one. Again, for those cases when the coefficient is set too scanty for the victory of one of the opponents, there is an opportunity to increase it a little by combining the victory in the entire match with the victory in the first game.

bet on the outcome of the first game and the whole match

Naturally, the risk that the bet will not play also increases. However, the clear favorite of the match most often starts the match confidently, so the “P2P2” bet comes in quite often.

Other table tennis betting options

There are several more simple types of table tennis bets that can be made in various bookmakers. For example, it is not necessary to try to guess the final score of the match, it is enough to analyze the first two games and place a bet on the exact score in this segment of the game. You can also try to guess the exact number of games in the match, or play banal roulette, guessing the even or odd total points in the match.

Number of games in a match

How to have success and stable income in table tennis betting?

  1. After you figured out the rules of this sport in detail, stopped confusing it with ping-pong, took into account the regulations of specific tournaments and championships, it was time to get to know the players in more detail. It is no secret that table tennis is most popular in the Asian region, so we advise you to study the local sites and forums, which will definitely be facilitated by knowledge of English, and even more so Chinese. If you have already decided to make your first million in table tennis, do not be a dilettante in this form, and understand the players in much the same way as most of you understand the football players.
  2. Next, read the rating of the players, which objectively reflects the approximate balance of power in table tennis.
  3. It will not be superfluous to study the history of meetings between players. As in any other sport, even the most notorious favorites have uncomfortable rivals who are ready to spoil the leader’s blood at the most unexpected moment for you.
  4. The current form of table tennis players is also important, but it does not hurt to navigate the level of tournaments and opponents in order to understand whether a particular player is so good at the moment.
  5. An individual sport makes you pay great attention to the psychological state of any player. This is not football or hockey, in which substitutions are possible. If a table tennis player has some kind of trouble in his life, or his state of health is in doubt, then no one will play here except the specified player. Be attentive to the press, interviews with individual players and assessments of their psychological state.

Table tennis betting strategies

Catch up to win with a handicap

If in one of the parties the opponent has many set points, then, according to this strategy, it is necessary to play that he will take the party sooner or later.
For example, in a Shamruk-Tran match, the second player leads with a score of 6:10. You need to play a handicap (-4.5) to play this strategy. Let’s say the score is 7:10. In this case, you need to double the bet amount and bet on the handicap (-3.5), expecting that Tran will finally take the game in this hand. It is likely that even with this attempt the second player will not take the game, and the score will become 8:10. Here you know what to do: double the bet again and bet on the handicap (-2.5) on the second player.
The essence of this strategy is that the opponent, lagging behind by a large margin, will not fight for victory in this game, having saved his strength for the next one. However, as you can imagine, appetite comes with eating, and having won a few points, the losing player can join the party.

Betting on the inferior favorite of the match

Most table tennis matches have a clear favorite and a clear underdog. This strategy is designed at the moment when the outsider temporarily seizes the advantage, and the bookmaker raises the odds for the favorite to win. In this case, you need to follow the fight live. Towards the end of each game, the favorite, due to experience and skill, begins to apply more efforts to win each point.

So, we are waiting for the favorite to lose three or four points, and join the match with a bet on his victory or a positive handicap. In this case, the odds increase from 1.3-1.4 to 1.8 on average. The same situation can arise for games, when an outsider, for example, won in the first game, and the coefficient on the leader’s overall victory has significantly increased. It is recommended to bet when the score is 1: 3, 2: 3 or 1: 2, because when the score is 0: 1, the coefficient for the leader’s victory will not be higher than 1.6.

All in all, winning the long at table tennis is not impossible. Plan your bankroll, do not recklessly bet all-in, but systematically increase your turnover. Consider the ratings, match history, current form, and the psychological aspects of the players to be successful in table tennis betting. If you are using catch-up, then do not get frustrated with a rate of more than 5%. Remember that no one is insured against unsuccessful streaks, and your bank should be enough for at least seven bets with similar amounts. Play smart and win money at table tennis – it’s real!

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