Tennis game betting strategy

Tennis game betting strategy

A variety of tennis predictions are game bets. Below we will talk about the pros and cons of such bets, as well as what strategies are available for betting on games in tennis matches.

Tennis is one of the most popular betting sports. Bookmakers offer many markets in the tennis line, and not all players (especially beginners) find it easy to figure it out.

Strategy for betting on tennis by game

What is betting tennis game

To understand the essence of the strategy and the peculiarities of betting, you need to understand what a game in tennis is. A game is a play of a point on the serve of one of the opponents. To win the set, the player needs to win 6 games if the opponent takes 4 or less, or 7 if the opponent takes 5-6 games. When the score is 6: 6, a tie-break is played – an extended game, where to win you need to win 7 draws (or up to a difference of 2).

Winning a game at your own serve or reception means winning at least 4 draws. The account goes in a rather unusual way for beginners: 15-0, 15-15, 30-15, 40-15 and so on. When the score is 40:40 in a game, the opponents play “over-under” – until one of the players takes two draws in a row.

The scoring system in the game was developed almost 1000 years ago by the French monks, who in the 11th century invented the great-great-grandfather of tennis – jeu de paume (“playing with the palm”). They had to serve from a distance of 60 steps from the net. If the player won a point, then he could come 15 steps closer to the opponent. On the third point earned, the progress was not 15, but 10 steps. This is where the scoring scheme came from: the first point is 15, the second is 30, and the third is 40.

Types of bets on games before the match and live

The tennis game betting strategy is designed primarily for the LIVE mode. There are similar offers in the prematch line, but they are not found at all bookmakers and are mainly designed for the starting game. Usually these prediction options are used by experienced bettors, since betting on games, in fact, is a catch-up, with which novices are not particularly familiar.

Any bets in tennis – winning a game, a set, a match, and others – are subject to tactics and have their own characteristics. The safest bet is to bet on the serving tennis player to win the game, but you won’t earn much on such predictions. But more cunning strategies can bring the bettor a lot of money.

Let’s consider the most popular predictions – bets on winning a game, on the number of points, on a break, and others.

How to bet on tennis games

Total points in the 1st game

Bettor is asked to guess how many points will be played in the starting game of the match. A total of 5.5 points is usually offered. When choosing a bet “total over”, it is necessary that each of the opponents take at least 2 draws. The forecast is tricky in the prematch, because you still don’t know who is the first to serve, which is very important for this bet, especially in the ATP round.

Break bet

A break is winning a game on the opponent’s serve. Catching such an outcome is not easy, especially for men and when playing on fast surfaces, but the odds are always very high. In the prematch, you can choose the forecast for the number of breaks in the match, in the first set, from one of the opponents.

Game Victory

The most common bet on live games. You just need to guess who will take a particular game.

Game Race

The offices offer to guess which opponent will be the first to reach a certain number of games. Usually bets are offered “Who will win 3 (4.5) games first”. At this rate, it is important to look at who serves first, but the winner of the set does not matter anymore. For example, Rafael Nadal can lead the games against Novak Djokovic 3: 2, and then lose the set – 3: 6, but your bet on the fact that Nadal will be the first to take 3 games will win.

Who will win the first (second, third, etc.) point in a game

It is proposed to determine which of the opponents will win a particular point in a particular game.

Accurate game score

Probably the hardest prediction for game betting. It is necessary not only to guess the winner of the game, but also to indicate with what score he will win: 40-0, 40-15, 40-30 or “more or less”. In the list of some bookmakers, this type of bet most often looks like this: W1: 0, W1: 15, W1: 30, W1: 40. Markets on P2 are given in a similar way.

Games betting strategies: types and features

Tennis strategy bets in games have many varieties. Let’s consider the most popular and profitable ones.

Strategy 40-40

There are two options for this tactic: “The score in the game 40-40 – yes” and “The score in the game 40-40 – no.” On the first bet option, the bookmaker always offers a solid odds (from 2.5 and higher). To win the bet, you need to guess the game in which the score will be 40-40. Who will win the game in the end does not matter anymore. For this strategy of betting on tennis on games, it is better to choose women’s matches. In the WTA tour, serving does not play such a big role as in the men’s. However, the odds for the bet “the score of 40-40 in the game is yes” in the WTA round is noticeably lower. The optimal coverage for bets of this type is soil.

In addition, you can build a series of bets “Will be in the game score 40:40 – no”. The odds for such predictions will be low – from 1.25 to 1.4, and in case of defeat, you will need to apply catch-up (doubling the next bet to win back). Here are some guidelines for this tactic:

  • analyze and select a match. It is better to choose meetings of the ATP tour with the presence of a favorite, where a special struggle is not expected;
  • start betting from the first set, but not from the first game;
  • follow the match via video broadcast to understand how well or how bad the players are fighting on each other’s serves;
  • the first bet should be small, but the bank will need a large one;
  • remember about bookmaker limits and possible suspension of admission.

Betting strategy for the server

In modern men’s tennis, serve plays an important role. Many famous tennis players either completely play on her, or strongly depend: Americans John Isenre, Sam Querry and Riley Opelka, Croatian veteran Ivo Karlovic, Frenchman Jo-Wilfried Tsonga, Italian Matteo Berrettini and others.

You should choose a match in which a tennis player plays with a good serve, and bet on his victory in the games in which he will serve. The disadvantage of this strategy is low odds, which do not give an opportunity to hit a good jackpot. In addition, in the event of at least one loss, you will find yourself in the red, from which it will take a long time to get out.

Another option is betting on the underdog in a match with the favorite. You should choose a player with a good serve in a match against a stronger opponent and bet on him in the service games. Usually weaker serving players in matches with favorites give their best in “their” games, counting on a tie-break.

It is advisable to choose matches of the men’s round, as well as fast coatings (on the ground, the serve is leveled). It is also recommended that you skip a couple of starting games to get the tennis players into the game and set up the serve.

Shchukin’s strategy (betting on breaks)

The essence of this strategy is betting on the receiving player – that is, on the breaks. The strategy works with odds of 3.0 and higher. Here are the basic guidelines for those who will apply it:

  • there should be no players with good serve in the selected fights;
  • place bets on men’s and doubles matches, as well as mixed matches;
  • financial tactics – modified Martingale. After two failures in a row, you need to multiply the bet amount by 2;
  • a tennis player who is already leading with a break is not the best bet. Often tennis players concentrate on keeping their serve until the end of the set. Better to follow the game where the favorite has lost his serve and seeks to return it.

You also need to consider the following factors:

  1. Consider the strength of your opponents in order to choose the right match that will bring you success. Their personal meetings (in general and on a specific surface), the ability to serve and receive. It is also advisable to know the peculiarities of the game of each tennis player and his mood when preparing for the match (whether grief has occurred in the family, etc.).
  2. For the game, it is worth considering the odds in the range from 3.0 to 10.0. It is better not to take higher quotes due to the low probability, although you can play catch-up and its varieties on them (in case of 2-3 failures).
  3. The bank must be solid, capable of withstanding a cycle of 10-12 repetitions. (ideally, the more the better). Accordingly, it is necessary to determine the size of the initial bet.
  4. The bookmaker should have a good list of live games. A good reaction will be required from the player for this type of prediction.

If a bettor hopes to consistently make money on tennis, he definitely needs a strategy for betting on games, sets or other markets. Learn to choose the right appointments for your predictions and treat bets like work and not fun – only then there will be a good chance of success.

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