Tennis Points Betting

Tennis Points Betting

Tennis is one of the most popular betting sports, but it has its own characteristics. The main one is that the result of a match depends on only two people. Because of this, tennis is not considered the most predictable type of betting. And bets on points in tennis are made only by true professionals who know how to correctly analyze the line and apply correct strategies.

How to bet on points in tennis in BC

What are the advantages of betting on points in a tennis match?

Let’s briefly list the factors why bettors should pay attention to such a market in tennis matches as betting on points:

  • dynamism. If you win, bets on points are calculated quickly, and you will find out the result within a couple of minutes (sometimes even faster);
  • there is no clear favorite or underdog in point betting. Anyone can win this or that point in a tennis match of professionals. Of course, if Novak Djokovic or Rafael Nadal play with the 150th racket of the world, they will always have a better chance of winning a point, a game, and even more so a set. However, underdogs even from the first two hundred of the rating can give a serious fight to the favorites;
  • ease of assessment. When betting on points, there is no need to do complex pre-match analysis. It is enough to follow the match on a live TV broadcast – and you will see the shape of the tennis players and the ability of each of them to score points;
  • the ability to “catch” a good odds. Tennis match quotes change quickly, especially when betting on points in games.

Points betting: basic rules

In the game, the score is kept up to 4 points: 15, 30, 40, game. If both tennis players scored 3 points, and the score became even – 40-40, then the game is played until one of the opponents takes two points in a row (the so-called “over-under” game).

A tennis match consists of sets, and those, in turn, are games. The number of sets depends on the rules of the particular competition. Grand Slam tournaments are played until one tennis player wins in three sets, the rest – until they wins in two sets.

Betting on the score 40-40 in a game

Bookmakers usually offer odds for such an outcome in the range of 2.50-4.00. The accuracy of the quote depends on the level of opponents, coverage, ability to serve, previous games.

To increase the chances of calculating a game in which the score reaches 40-40, do not enter the game right away. Pros advise starting from the second or third game, when the tennis players are already involved in the match. The score 40:40 often happens in 5-9 games, when tennis players try to get ahead of the opponent and begin to seriously fight on the reception.
For the first bet, set aside up to 2% of the bank. If the bet does not work, skip one game and bet again after catching up.

This type of bet is well suited for women’s round matches, in which there are opponents of approximately the same strength with weak serves. The preferred coating is primer.

Bets on the winner of a specific point in a game

Bookmaker offers the bettor to guess which player will win this or that point in a particular game. Moreover, you can choose both the option “the player will win point 1 (2, 3) in game No.…”, or a slightly different type of bet.

For example, you can predict whether the score will be 15-15 during the game. The odds for this event vary from 1.90 to 2.1 at different offices.

It is necessary to choose a fixed amount of the initial bet, which should not exceed 1/6 of the pot. This will give the bettor a chance to play dogon. Note that the score 30-0 in a duel for 6-7 games in a row is extremely rare, that is, the bettor’s chances of beating the office are very high.

Taking into account the dogon system, it is necessary to catch about 14 games per day, in which there is a score of 15-15 after two points. According to this strategy, 5-6 wins are obtained from one match at the exit, and the initial bank increases by about 20%.

Total Points Betting

This market is rarely found in domestic bookmakers. Bettor is asked to guess how many points the athletes will play in the match / set.

For bets on “total over” matches of equal opponents are suitable, ideally – girls without serving and on a dirt surface. Such fights can drag on for a very long time. For betting “total less”, it is preferable to choose men’s meetings with the participation of tennis players with a cool serve on fast surfaces. Of course, the total points in the first and second cases will be radically different.

Types of strategies for betting on points

There are several strategies for betting on tennis points, which, if applied, will increase the chances of winning in the bookmaker’s office.

  1. Martingale. The principle of strategy is a typical catch-up. In case of a loss, the amount of the next bet must be 2 times higher than the previous one, and the odds must remain at least 2.0. The increase occurs until the bet wins. A good starting bank and correct calculation are important for this strategy – there should be enough money for at least 8 stages of “catch-up”. Of course, tennis players have “black stripes” when one opponent loses to the other by 8-9 points in a row, but such situations are rare.
  2. D’Alembert. The essence of this strategy is to increase the second bet by a fixed amount (step) if the first bet is played. Unlike Martingale, this strategy insures you against hitting a streak of several defeats in a row.
  3. Miller’s strategy. Named after the famous American bettor and author of books on the subject, George Miller. The basic principle is a fixed percentage of the bank, which invariably equals 1%. At the moment when the initial bank increases by 25%, the bet amount should be recalculated, while the percentage remains the same “unit”. For example, your starting bank is 1,000 rubles. First, the size of the bet will be 1000 * 1% = 10 rubles. After the increase and recalculation, the numbers will be as follows: 1250 * 1% = 12.5 rubles. The strategy should be used in matches where only two outcomes are possible, and tennis is ideal.

Eyeglass betting is a good market for those who do not like long wait and prefer to tempt fate here and now. By using the right tennis points betting strategies, you can significantly increase your bank in a short time. Remember, the Martingale strategy involves the greatest risk.

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