Tennis Set Betting

Tennis Set Betting

Tennis is one of the most popular betting sports and the most popular among singles. Bettors explain this fact by the fact that tennis is convenient for analysis, since you need to track the state of not a whole team, but only two athletes. Tennis set betting is one of the most common markets.

Winning tennis set bets

Types of bets on sets

First, it’s worth understanding the terminology. A set is part of a tennis match. Most of the matches are played before one of the tennis players or a pair wins in two sets, that is, the score can be 2: 0 or 2: 1. At the Grand Slam tournaments (the largest and most prestigious tennis competitions of the year, there are 4 of them), opponents fight to win in three sets – 3: 0, 3: 1 or 3: 2.

Now let’s figure out what options for betting on sets are offered by bookmakers:

  • bet on the winner of the party;
  • total set. A bet on how many games will be played. To win a set, a tennis player needs to win 6 games if the opponent took 4 or less, or 7 games if the opponent has 5. With a score of 6: 6, tennis players play a tie-break (13th game until 7 points are won or until the difference 2 points);
  • handicap per set. You can choose with what game lead one tennis player will win or not lose to another;
  • handicap in sets per match… The bettor chooses whether the player wins with a difference of 2 or 3 sets (-1.5 or -2.5 sets, depending on the tournament format) or takes at least one game (+1.5 or +2.5 sets);
  • accurate set score;
  • will there be a tie-break in the set (played when the score is 6: 6);
  • the effectiveness of the sets. Will the first be greater than the second, the second greater than the first, or will they be equal;
  • the number of set points. At what attempt the player will win the game.

These are the most popular markets. The larger the bookmaker, the more options for betting on the set it offers.

Features of betting on tennis

There are advantages and disadvantages to betting on tennis. They are relevant for both set betting and other markets. Let’s go through the main pros and cons.


  1. Tennis is easier to analyze than team sports. You must agree that it is much easier to track the form and personal meetings of two players than two teams, each of which has at least one and a half to two dozen members. If we talk about women’s tennis, then some professional bettors even keep a calendar of “critical days” for tennis players. How they receive information remains their secret and their trick.
  2. A large number of comebacks. This feature can be written down as disadvantages, however, for bettors who know how to play on “forks” and interrupt, frequent comebacks in tennis are irreplaceable. Putting on an outsider before the game, in live you need to wait until he comes out ahead and place a bet on his opponent with odds higher than 2.0 – and you are guaranteed to be in the black!
  3. The regularity of the competition. The tennis season lasts almost all year round. There is a short break in major tournaments in December, but even then there will be ITF tournaments and demonstrations in the tennis line. True, in the 2020 season due to the coronavirus, the regularity of tennis matches has suffered greatly.


  1. The start and end times of matches are not fixed. If football or hockey matches, with rare exceptions, begin at a strictly agreed time, then a tennis match depends on a number of factors: weather, the end of the previous meeting on the same court, late players / referees, etc. Sometimes matches are even postponed to the next day. The end of the fight also depends on the intensity of the fight and the duration of the rallies. If you plan to quickly win a tennis bet and withdraw money, your plans may be adjusted.
  2. Dependence on the weather. Most tennis tournaments are played outdoors. Sudden rain or strong winds may cause the umpire to stop the match. Not only will the resumption of the game have to wait more than a day, but also the nature of the fight can radically change. Often, a losing tennis player during a pause gathered his courage and changed the course of the match. It also happened that tennis players got sick because of the extreme heat, and they had to shoot.
  3. Zdependence of the result on one person. This feature can be written down both as pluses and minuses, depending on who did not play the game: the tennis player of your choice or his opponent.

What should be considered when betting on sets?

It is not recommended to make predictions for tennis sets without conducting a pre-match analysis. If your goal is to make money on bets, then you can’t do without analytics.

  • Coating. Many players are all-rounders, but there are also many who play well on only one or two surfaces: hard, clay, grass or carpet. Suffice it to recall the top players of our time – Rafael Nadal and Roger Federer. The first is able to play on all surfaces, but on the ground he simply has no equal. And the second, on the contrary, prefers fast surfaces and does not like to play on the ground. During his career, Federer won 20 Grand Slam tournaments, but the clay Roland Garros conquered him only once (in 2009).
  • Form and fitness. Many older players find it difficult to play matches in a five-set format, and some are “blown away” even by the third game.
  • Personal meetings. For example, a player consistently takes the first set in a confrontation with a certain opponent, but then the match develops in different ways. It is not worth risking a bet on the entire match – it is safer to take a player’s victory in the first set, based on statistics. Players with good serve often play tie-breaks in the first game, which can also be tracked by statistics.
  • Tournament status and motivation. Tennis player’s motivation is almost the dominant factor in betting. Leading players are sometimes forced to come to not very presentable tournaments in order, for example, to defend last year’s points or fulfill a sponsorship contract. But the fact is that in a year a tennis player can grow from a noun in the top 200 to a player in the top twenty. Accordingly, the tournament he fought to win last season may now be of no interest to him. Usually the player’s motivation is visible after the first set, and some bettors successfully catch bets on the underdog in game # 2, if the favorite is openly playing the fool.
  • There is a colossal difference between women’s and men’s fights. The rules of the game are the same, but the level of the game is radically opposite. Winning an opponent’s serve over men is a key factor in winning a set or match. A break in a women’s match is common. In addition, the majority of girls are less stable morally. Therefore, betting on the first set in women’s tennis is especially risky.
  • It is preferable to place bets on sets in tennis in live, while it is better to watch a live broadcast of the match. You can always see the nuances that the statistics window will not transmit: the player’s microtrauma, his bad mood, a conflict with the referee that can unbalance, etc. It happens that players with an unstable psyche after a mini-conflict get upset and “drain” the set, tuning in to the next game.

If you prefer betting on tennis matches by sets or games, you cannot do without thoughtful pre-match analytics. But with the right approach, tennis can bring a solid profit to the bettor.

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