Teresa Bleda – Lima Mabelli: prediction and rate of Yaroslav Perkanyuk

Teresa Bleda

Bleda shows great promise. The Czech woman is only 19 years old, but she has already entered the octagon five times and still does not know the bitterness of defeat. In addition, Teresa gives spectacular fights and has four early victories. Of course, the level of rivals leaves much to be desired, because the majority with a negative record. However, if Bleda does not stumble and continues to demolish everyone in his path, then in a few years he may end up in Bellator or the UFC.

Bleda is dangerous both in the standing position and in the stalls. Teresa forces things in the octagon, throws a lot of punches, gets close and uses the clinch to take takedowns. At the same time, the Czech woman is substituted a lot and receives unnecessary damage.

Lima Mabelli

Mabelli is 27 years old, during her career she entered the octagon 10 times and suffered only 1 defeat. Lima cannot boast of high-profile victories, as it fights in small organizations and with low-level opposition rivals.

Mabelli possesses boxing skills and jiu-jitsu. The Brazilian acts in the second number in the octagon, catches her opponents on mistakes and tries to avoid frank exchanges of blows. Therefore, Lima won most of the victories by decision.

Analysis of the fight

There is no doubt that Bleda has many times more chances to win. The Czech woman seriously surpasses Mabelli in size (in span and height), so she will confidently work at a distance. But Teresa still lacks experience, she makes a lot of mistakes and for some reason gets closer. I think Mabelli will still resist and the fight will drag on.

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