The 7 Best Books for Betting Players and Sports Forecasters

The 7 Best Books for Betting Players and Sports Forecasters

We recommend bettors regularly distract from bets and return to the real world. In addition to meeting friends, work and everyday worries, self-education is useful. At the same time, it is not necessary to read classical literature, but without being distracted from your favorite topic, usefully spend your free time. We are glad to present you the TOP, which includes unbroken fiction. This is not a boilerplate set of books on sports betting, but a really cool collection of literature. 7 must read books for bettors and sports forecasters.

TOP 7 books on sports betting

Book # 1 Bookmaking for Beginners

The author of the work, Farid Kasymov, teaches novice bettors to play professional betting. The training takes place in an easy-to-understand form, starting from the basics and ending with the study of complex betting strategies for large earnings in betting. The writer talks about the types of bets, odds, surebets and surebets. More importantly, Farid Kasymov discusses a number of problems that newcomers most often face.

Book # 2 Place Bets That Make Money

The book is a guide to the world of betting. Alexey Shalin encourages bettors to approach the game with a cool head, to exclude emotions. Only in this case, according to the author, with the help of sports betting, you can put together a lot of capital. In addition to the theoretical part, practical tasks are presented in six sections of the book. By completing them, the player learns to gain profit in a short time.

Book # 3 7 Lessons in Sports Analysis

Vitaliy Kush teaches beginners how to develop their own betting algorithm. The training begins with a call to analyze any event and based on this, build a further game. In addition, the book highlights the main BC traps and provides guidance on how to avoid falling into them. The author teaches you to stay calm while playing and insure bets.

Book # 4 Signal and Noise

Only the lazy does not know about this book by the author Nate Silver, but we still included it in our TOP because of the won recognition of the professionals. Information about betting here is understandable for both beginners and experienced bettors. The author teaches first to systematize the knowledge gained about events, and only then to place bets. Most importantly, Silver shows players how to place bets with real examples. In addition, the work tells about what you need to know in order to receive a stable income.

Book # 5 Smart Money

Educational materials are important, but fiction is also very useful, especially if it is a biography of the famous sports analyst Michael Konik. In addition to an interesting storyline, the book reveals the other side of the betting business. The adventure plot and many poignant moments leave an indelible impression on the reader. As a result, the book opens the eyes to many of the points associated with the betting empire.

Book # 6 Kings of Agreements

An action-packed story about a syndicate whose members received large sums of money for betting on match-fixing. Most impressive are the frank accounts of the criminal organization that ran much of world football. One of the book’s co-authors, Wilson Raj Perumal, agreed to reveal some details of the dark side of the sport after he was released from prison. He was arrested while performing one of the most difficult circuits at the next match in Finland.

Book # 7 Antifragility. How to capitalize on the chaos

A universal product for all lovers of self-education and self-development. Nicholas Taleb talks about how to learn and benefit from even the most difficult situations in life. The book touches on different aspects of life, but everyone can apply them at any time. Becoming antifragile means learning how to stay safe in a world of chaos and use instability to your advantage.

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