The most popular boxing betting strategies

The most popular boxing betting strategies

Boxing, like tennis, is not a team sport. For this reason, some bettors are afraid to place bets on it, because their success depends on one person. However, it is worth studying the most popular boxing betting strategies in order to understand that you can make good money on this sport with a competent approach. Some strategies and tactics are suitable for other sports as well, some are exclusively for boxing.

How to bet on boxing - the best strategies

Types of bets on boxing

Today bookmakers offer an extensive line of boxing bets. There is always something to choose from:

  • the main outcome is the victory of one of the opponents in any way or a draw. The latter outcome in boxing is rare;
  • early victory. There are several variations of the rate – you can simply bet on an early victory of one of the fighters or predict a specific athlete who will end the fight with a knockout in advance;
  • a bet on win / loss by points. In this case, you need to cheer so that the fight lasts all 12 rounds, and the name of the winner is determined by the referee’s notes;
  • total of rounds – you need to guess how many rounds will be played. Totals are offered by the bookmaker, the odds are selected individually;
  • winning a specific round. You need to guess which of the rivals will win in this or that round;
  • the number of the last round in the match. It is proposed to guess in which round the battle will end, and the name of the winner does not matter for the bet.

Boxing betting: popular strategies

To choose what kind of bet on boxing to make, you should adhere to a number of recommendations:

  • study athletes before the match: their form, previous fights, events in their personal lives;
  • analyze whether one of the boxers is a puncher or both prefer to “rock” the opponent for a long time;
  • remember, the lighter the weight class, the lower the chance of a knockout.

Popular boxing betting strategies

The desire to cash in on boxing bets must go hand in hand with cold calculation and the right strategy. If you bet thoughtlessly and haphazardly, then the distance about profit is out of the question. Therefore, we bring to your attention the most popular strategies for betting on boxing matches.


Patience is essential when betting on boxing. It is no secret that several months or even years can pass between fights of one boxer. The average boxer has 2-3 fights in a calendar year. After analyzing the boxing season, you can see 7-8 more or less significant fights per month. It is worth focusing on them, and not being scattered over all battles in a row.

According to statistics, out of 10 fights, 2-3 end with victories for the underdogs. Taking into account the fact that odds for non-favorites start at 3.0, it is worth using the classic “Dogon” tactics, thanks to which you can increase the bank several times. At the same time, if the coefficient is much higher than 3.0, then it is recommended not to increase the bet amount, but to decrease it. For example, after losing with odds of 3.0, you bet on the boxer for 6.0. In case of a win, the net income will be equal to 500%, so the amount of the bet can be reduced by 2 times.

In the “Wait” strategy, you can also play “round for the favorite”. If there is a clear favorite in a match, and the fight is not in the lightest weight category, there is a high probability of a knockout. By guessing the round in which one boxer will knock out the other, you can increase the bank by 4-5 times.

Oscar Grind’s strategy

The name of this character was originally associated with a casino. No one knows for certain whether such a person as Oscar Grind existed. His last name comes from the word “grind”. In gambling, grinders are people who follow the principle “the quieter you drive, the further you will be”.

The secrets of the success of the Grind strategy lie in only a few principles, the main one being moderation of actions when betting. Each increase in the value of the bet must be equal to the initial unit. It is worth highlighting two more rules:

  • if you win, the size of the initial bet does not change;
  • the rates can be reduced, but not increased, and the main result of the game should be the receipt of a net profit.

Separately, it should be said about the coefficients. All of the above tips work if the odds for an event exceed 2.0. This means a lot of risk, as odds of 2.0 and higher in boxing are being traded in controversial markets.

An ideal bank can be considered one that can withstand 10-12 iterations (repetitions) of the initial bet.
For example, if you intend to bet in increments of 1,000 rubles, the pot must be at least 10,000. If the bet wins, then we increase the next denomination to 2,000 rubles, otherwise we leave it the same. If we win twice in a row, we “reset” and start the cycle over.

You need to bet on deliberate rates with minimal risks, no matter how presumptuous it may sound. Expressions of favorites wins, 2-3 suitable matches, where the favorite is motivated and in great shape.


This strategy makes a significant profit only at a distance. You won’t be able to “cut” a lot of money from one found fork. The secret of this method lies in the constant monitoring of bookmaker lines in order to detect surebets imbalances. Equal boxing matches, where high odds are set on both opponents, are best suited. Let’s say the coefficient for the victory of fighter N in one office is 1.962, and in another, fighter M is given 2.1.

You can check the presence of a plug manually using the formula: S = 1 / 2.1 + 1 / 1.962 = 0.986. If the final value of S> 1, then there is no surebet, but if S

To calculate the profit from the surebet, you need to apply the following formula: 100 / 0.986 = 101.42. That is, if we bet $ 100 in total, we are guaranteed to get $ 101.42.

To calculate who to bet how much, you need the following steps:

  • 101.42 / 2.1 = $ 48.3;
  • 101.42 / 1.962 = $ 51.7.

Of course, the probability of a draw remains, but in boxing this happens extremely rarely. As a result, it turns out that the surebets strategy works flawlessly, but is designed for patient players who are not chasing short-term profits.

The use of strategies for betting on boxing does not free the bettor from the need to analyze the fight. Every bet, even insured by “Dogon”, must be weighed and reasoned. Only in this case can you count on a good win.

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