The myth of Monday and Friday betting

The myth of Monday and Friday betting

In the ranks of sports betting fans in bookmakers, there are rumors and legends about favorable and unfavorable days for betting. In particular, there is a myth about bets on Monday and Friday – they say, these are exclusively “bookmaker” days, when bettors “drain” the most money, and fixed matches are played one after another. Mightytips experts will try to figure out whether these guesses are well founded.

Is it possible to bet on sports on Monday or Friday

Sports betting on Monday and Friday: features

Many betting fans at bookmaker’s offices believe that matches played on Monday and Friday are of a contractual nature, bookmakers know the outcome in advance, so there is no need to talk about the honesty of the competitive process or the possibility of finding a ZhB-bet. At the same time, such bettors continue to bet on these very days and continue to be surprised by unexpected results.

However, colder and more expert heads assure us that the point is a banal lack of events. That is, if on Monday or Friday an unexpected result attracts a lot of attention, then on the weekend they will not pay attention to the sensation, because there are much more surprises these days.

Thus, the defeat of Bayern and Juventus in the national championships on the same day will certainly attract attention. But after a couple of hours, football fans can switch to the conditional match “Liverpool” – “Manchester City” or “Real” – “Barcelona” – and the recent sensations will fade into the background. Now imagine that the matches between Bayern and Juventus were set aside on Friday, when, apart from them, little else happens in the football world. The main stream of bettors’ bets would be directed precisely at these confrontations. And in the event of a simultaneous defeat for Munich and Turin, the entire football world will talk about it for at least a day (and in the case of Monday – almost a week).

How to avoid losing in betting shops on Monday and Friday?

  1. Any bet on any day of the week must be approached responsibly. There are not many events on Monday and Friday, therefore, you get more time to analyze your bet.
  2. On Monday, there is a chance to analyze all the matches of the tour played on the weekend and draw conclusions for your fight (for example, a competitor of Team A won a victory on Sunday, which means that Team A will tear and throw on Monday).
  3. You should not be led by the crowd and take into account only the well-known factors: the current form of the teams, the difference in class and banal statistics. Spending a little more time, you can find non-standard and winning options in the line on Monday and Friday.

What do we have as a result? All the unexpected results on Fridays and Mondays are not a worldwide conspiracy. These are common outcomes that may well have been lost against the backdrop of other weekend matches.

Of course, there have been, are, and, unfortunately, will be fixed matches in any sport. But there is no connection between the agreements and the postponement of fights for Monday and Friday. It’s just that bettors who are losing on these days are looking for excuses for themselves. Use the extra time for careful analysis – and you will be happy. Another option is to avoid betting on sports on Monday and Friday, making them only on your own days.

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