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The printer captures multiple sheets: What to do?

Manufacturers of printed office equipment have long understood one truth – it is not profitable to create eternal equipment. They strive to make the device from such parts that could serve the warranty period. When the printer pulls two sheets, you can forget about normal printing. There may be several reasons why the printer captures 2 sheets. In this article, we will talk about them and how to solve the problem.

Why the printer captures several sheets at once – the causes of the problem

  1. use of low-quality, inappropriate paper;
  2. brake pad wear;
  3. solenoid sticking.

The printer captures a lot of paper – what to do?

If an MFP or printer captures an extra sheet, there are several ways to solve this problem. You can determine the cause of the malfunction and fix it yourself. However, we cannot guarantee the success of the operation. The information presented in this article is more informative. Do you need to repair the printer quickly and with a guarantee? Call our service center and call the master at home. Turning to the service center, you save time and money. If you decide to repair the printer on your own, the following information will be useful for you.

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The printer takes several sheets – the paper is incorrectly selected

It is important to choose the right paper for the printer. You need to pay attention to the following parameters:

  • density;
  • thickness;
  • rigidity;
  • twistability;
  • dustiness.

Too thin sheets can stick together due to static electricity. The printer grabs the extra sheet and cannot separate it when the paper is underweighted. If the printer chews paper, it could be due to insufficient rigidity or twisting of the pages. Try to buy office paper from another manufacturer, which is better suited for your device. Remember to beat/plow a stack of paper before you load it into the tray.

office paper for printer

Note! When using paper with high dustiness, the capture roller’s wear is accelerated, and other components of the device are clogged. Timely carry out the prevention of the printer. Follow the rules for using printing equipment.

Printer grabs the second sheet – check the brake pad

This part serves to ensure that the printing device does not pull the excess paper. It consists of a plastic platform on which the elastic band is located. When rubber loses its properties, the laser printer captures several sheets. There are three ways to solve the problem with the brake pad.

Method #1

Gently remove the elastic band with a knife, screwdriver, or other improvised tools. Clean the bottom layer of glue, wipe it with alcohol. Glue the elastic band in place, worn side down. This measure is temporary, but you need to replace the part if the printer has stopped capturing two sheets.

brake platform

Method #2

You need to replace the rubber on the site. A good alternative is a cork sticker used in construction. Go with an elastic band to a specialized store, as it is important to determine the cork product’s thickness accurately. You can also order special self-adhesive pads on the Internet.

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Method #3

If the printer captures multiple sheets when printing, replace the brake pad completely. You can buy it in a store specializing in the sale of parts (ZIP) and consumables for printing office equipment.

Note! To avoid wasting your time searching for compatible parts and self-repair of the device, contact the service center for help.

The printer pulls several sheets – the solenoid sticks

The printing device has an electromagnetic coupling. It allows you to control the number of revolutions of the captured roller. When the gasket wears out on the solenoid, the special metal bar begins to stick. The result: the feed roller makes more than one turn and captures excess paper.

Check the operation of the electromagnetic clutch. Is there sticking? Replace the gasket. In our article about jamming 0/1/2 in the Samsung SCX 4200/4220 MFP, you can read more about this process.

Note! Does the printer knock and make noise while printing? If a knock is heard when the device captures the sheets, then with a probability of 99%, this is due to the solenoid. The gasket is rubbed, and you hear the “swing” beating against the metal part of the clutch.

Useful information

There are situations when the ADR captures several sheets due to contamination of the rollers. Wipe the rubber pads with alcohol – this should help for a while. If your printer does not capture paper well, then look at the captured roller. Replacing the part will help eliminate this problem.

capture roller

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