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The printer does not recognize the cartridge: What to do?

Several reasons why a laser printer does not see the cartridge and does not recognize it. In most cases, it’s all about the chip: it’s dirty or doesn’t reach the contacts in the print head. But sometimes, the situation is explained by damage to contacts in the device itself.

Why can’t the printer see the new cartridge?

Often this situation occurs if a simply compatible model from a third-party manufacturer was purchased. Although such cartridges are cheaper, their quality leaves much to be desired. They are not designed for a large number of gas stations and quickly become unusable. Also, you can not be sure that the cartridge has not been poorly restored and is not sold under the guise of a new product. Packaging is not a guarantee of quality.

When the product is new and branded, manufacturers Epson, Canon, or HP carefully read the instructions or get advice from official technical support (following the manufacturer).

What you can do yourself:

  1. Check if it is installed correctly. Original products are easily inserted. If everything is done correctly, there must be a characteristic click.
Cartridge installation

2. Make sure that the yellow protective film is removed from the cartridge.

3. See if the lid of the module with cartridges is closed well. Bring the printer out of the offline state.

Why can’t the printer see the re-filled cartridge?

Chip on cartridge

Many models have a chip. If there is little paint, the chip locks the cartridge, and when the ink is replenished, this lock is not removed. If the printer shows deceptive data about the toner, for example, in fact, it is, and the device shows that it is not, and vice versa, then this may indicate just a lock. But it can be removed, and for this, you need:

  • Perform a computer reset of the level of spent toner.
  • Clean the cartridge and printer parts.
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Didn’t help? You should check the markings on the chip, which should coincide with the model of the printer. Another reason is the protrusion of the plastic mount of the chip from the bottom. If this is observed, cut this part with a stationery knife and clean the chip with a regular eraser.

Clean the cartridge chip

Printer can’t see cartridge: what to do?

You can eliminate this situation if:

  1. Reboot. You need to turn off and on the device after 30-40 seconds.
  2. Remove and insert the cartridges. Turn on the machine, open the cover. When the carriage goes to the cartridge replacement position, remove them and insert them back.
  3. Clean the contacts of the cartridge, print head.
  4. Reset the meter after refueling. If you are using a toner feeding system, read the instructions. Each option performs the reset differently. However, before you do this, disassemble the cartridge and remove the chip.
  5. Align the chips. Their shift often occurs after cleaning.

ATTENTION!!! Some manipulations of non-professionals can finally disable the device. In this case, with your own hands, you will not fix anything, and you may need to repair the printer.

1. Diapers (absorber). Absorbs used ink when printing or cleaning the print head. It is located at the very bottom of the device. To extract it, it is necessary almost completely to disassemble the device. Therefore, we strongly recommend not to do this without experience.

Cartridge diaper

2. Cleaning the contacts. This must be done very carefully, without touching the hands. Otherwise, there is a risk of damage to the plastic plume (it is on it that the contacts are located). If you want to clean the printer contacts, turn it off. An alcohol rag is usually used for cleaning.

Printer contacts

Still can’t be re-tuned cartridge detected? If the printer does not see the cartridge after refilling, even when it is original, it may be required to replace the parts of the device. There are also cases when for comfort and stable operation, you only need to flash the printer. In these cases, it is worth entrusting the repair to specialists.

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Urgent printer recovery and cartridge refilling

Almost all popular manufacturers of inkjet and laser printers insist on purchasing new cartridges after consuming old ones. It’s not for everyone. The way out is to try to refuel yourself, risking damage to the printer, or use the services of a service center.

Reasons to contact professionals:

  • the printer does not recognize the cartridge and does not see the paper, but it is in the tray;
  • it is required to replace the parts, stitch the chip;
  • the computer does not recognize the device;
  • the appearance of defects in printing and so on.

You can’t solve the problem with the printer yourself? Contact a service center.

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