Tips for beginners – how to make money on sports betting?

Tips for beginners – how to make money on sports betting?

Each of us at least once caught ourselves thinking that he is the best at predicting the outcome of sports events. If you knew and had a presentiment long before the end of the season that Liverpool would win the UEFA Champions League, or that Holland would win Eurovision, then you should monetize your gift.

Tips for successful bids

We will tell you right now how to learn how to bet on sports and why sports betting is really not such an easy way of earning, and at the same time we will share tips on how to play and win at bookmakers as long and as much as possible.

How to bet on sports

To bet on sports, you will need:

  • Bets;
  • sports or entertainment event;
  • money.

You can place bets in a real bookmaker’s office, where TVs hang on the walls, and the lines are printed and stitched into thick folders. Alternatively, you can bet on sports online from the comfort of your home. It is up to you to decide whether to place bets in the bookmaker’s office, live or at home. It all depends on what goal you are pursuing. If live communication is important to you, you want to root for your team and your bet with someone, then go to a real bookmaker for exploration. If you just want to bet on sports in order to win some money or to add interest to watching a match with your favorite team, place your bets online.

In any case, the article will be useful for novice bettors, regardless of whether you are playing live or online.

How to choose a bookmaker?

The main advantage of sports betting in real bookmakers is that there are fewer questions about the payment of winnings compared to online bookmakers. First, the organization and conduct of gambling in bookmakers is subject to licensing. That is, without a license, a bookmaker’s office cannot work legally. Secondly, the bet is made upon presentation of an identity document. In online bookmakers, you have to scan or photograph documents, send them to the site and wait for consideration by the bookmaker’s security service. And only then can you receive your winnings.

When answering the question of how to bet on sports on the Internet, you should always pay attention to the bookmaker’s license. The Internet is full of bookmakers, including those that do not pay out winnings. Therefore, before placing a bet, pay attention to the site’s license. If this is a foreign company, then, as a rule, on the main page of the site at the very bottom, pay attention to the section “Licenses”. It contains the licensing authority and the date the license was issued. The licensing authority for many bookmakers is the Malta Gaming Authority, as well as the British Gambling Commission or the United Kingdom Gambling Commission.

Bookmaker licenses

If you are not dealing with an international bookmaker, then look for a special permit (license). As a rule, it is located in the “About the company” tab. If there is no information about the license on the bookmaker’s website, this should alert you. In this case, the correct decision would be to choose another bookmaker’s office.

How to bet on sports for beginners

After you have chosen where to bet on sports, you need to decide on the type of sport. Let’s look at an example of a bet on the NBA. So, you have selected the “Toronto – Golden State” event and you see the following table:

What bets look like on a specific NBA match

What does all this mean?

All bookmakers use special abbreviations for convenience. It is very simple to understand them:

Single or Winner Bets

  • [1] – victory of the first team;
  • [2] – victory of the second team;
  • [X] – a draw.

If you want to bet on a winner, you need to select one of these options by clicking on the odds. For example, the odds for Toronto’s victory are 1.67. That is, if you bet 100 rubles, then if you win, you will receive 167 rubles. In bookmakers your winnings are known before the start of the event. Note that on the contrary [Х] (draw) costs a huge coefficient of 12. This is because in basketball, draws are extremely rare. Therefore, beginners are advised to start betting with basketball or any other sport (such as tennis) in which draws are rare.

Double chance bets

  • [1Х] – victory of the first team or a draw;
  • [12] – victory of the first or second team;
  • [Х2] – victory of the second team or a draw.

These bets combine two outcomes. Accordingly, the bet is considered winning when one of two events occurs.

Handicap bet

  • [Ф1] – victory of the first team with a handicap;
  • [Ф2] – victory of the second team with a handicap.

In this case, a bet is accepted on the victory of Toronto with a handicap of -3.5 and on the victory of Golden State with a handicap of +3.5. For example, you are betting on Toronto to win with a handicap. The match ended with a score of 100: 95. In this case, the handicap is taken away -3.5 from the Toronto score, and we get a score of 96.5: 95. The Toronto score is higher than the Golden State score, the bet passed. If, for example, the match ends with a score of 101: 97 in favor of Toronto, you bet on Golden State to win with a handicap. The final score with a handicap is 101: 100.5 in favor of Toronto. We can say that my bet did not go to the NBA. If the match had ended with a score of 100: 97, then with a handicap of +3.5 the bet would have been counted.

Total bet

  • [ТМ] – total is less;
  • [ТБ] – the total is more.

Total Is the sum of the scores of both teams. For example, you bet on total over 212.5. The match ends with a score of 92: 105. Match total = 197. The bet on total has failed.

This is what the main line looks like in almost any sport. In those sports where a draw is impossible (for example, snooker), there may be no bet on a draw and, accordingly, double bets. Other unusual bets may be included in the line, for example:

  • Even / Odd – a bet on the number of goals scored;
  • Who will start – a bet where you need to guess who will be the first to kick the ball into the game;
  • Who will / will not score the first / last / X goal
  • Both To Score
  • A clean sheet, the exact outcome of the match, in which zone the goal will be scored, etc.

There are countless betting options, event options. Some bookmakers are ready to accept bets on the most unusual events: when aliens arrive, when a mammoth is cloned, whether the end of the world will happen – all these are real bets in bookmakers.

Like any other gambling game, betting has its own secrets and strategies for success. We have collected 7 tips that will be useful to all novice betting enthusiasts.

How to Bet and Win: Tips for Beginners

Tip # 1 – Forget about the word “sure”

“Vernyak”, “prohodnyak”, “stopudovo”, “unambiguously” – forget about all these words from the vocabulary of supposedly professional bettors. Sports are not 100% predictable, which is why bookmakers manage to make a profit. If you can place a bet on an event, then there is a chance that it will not happen. And this happens even with the rates with the lowest odds up to 1.10. Don’t believe me? Then put the system on 10-12 events with odds below 1.10 and see how many of them fail. The bookmaker will not let itself lose.

Tip # 2 – Don’t Buy Sports Betting Predictions

Only bet sellers benefit from buying sports betting. In the roughest example, it works like this. Let’s say you sold a forecast to one group of people with a victory for team A, and another with a victory for team B. In any case, one of the events will happen, and for one group, the betting seller will become a real Vanga in the world of sports, and they will buy another forecast. and for another – another swindler, from whom they leave. And the seller himself can make excuses that 95% of the bets pass, but they hit the wrong streak, in the very 5% of the bets that did not work.

Tip # 3 – Don’t spray

Be an expert in one sport. Learn to properly understand one sport. Moreover, it is better if at first it will be a sport in which draws are impossible. For example tennis, snooker or basketball. This will increase your chances of winning.

Tip # 4 – Don’t bet live and don’t use catch-up

Live bets are a goldmine for bookmakers. All of your bets must be thought out prior to starting the game. It is better not to bet during the game if you are not a professional. Also, Martingale bets do not work when you double your bet size or look for a doubled odds. The point is that subsequent events do not depend on the previous ones. There are no strategies that win 100%.

Tip # 5 – Follow a Financial Plan

There is nothing wrong with betting on your favorite team from time to time for fun. But if you are going to be a professional sports bettor, you must have a clear financial plan. Set aside the money that you are willing to spend on the game. And put a certain% of all money. Safe – 1 – 3% of the total amount. Sports betting is not easy money as advertised. To win consistently, you need to be well versed in sports. Play responsibly. Never gamble with your last money or gamble on debt.

Tip # 6 – Play at multiple bookmakers

The odds at different bookmakers may vary significantly. Some bookmakers simply copy odds from large world bookmakers. Having several lines in front of you, you can choose the most profitable one. In addition, if for some reason your account is blocked, you can continue to play at another office. The rule “don’t put all your eggs in one basket” does the same in betting.

Tip # 7 – Prepare for Losses

Treat failures as lessons and as part of the game. In sports, there are no victories alone. Learn to fail. You cannot place bets and always only win. Or it is possible, but the security services of the bookmaker’s offices monitor such players. The bookmaker can ban players who make only winning bets. It should be borne in mind that you are playing against a bookmaker, and it is not profitable for them that someone constantly wins. Therefore, consistent winnings are suspicious and not always good. Know how to lose and in the long run any loss will not be terrible for you.

Everyone decides for himself what sports betting is for him. If a hobby and an opportunity to add interest to watching an upcoming football match, then place it as your heart dictates. If you want to make sports betting your livelihood and source of income, then be prepared for the fact that you will have to spend a lot of time behind them. Follow sports events and play sports – and someday you will definitely get lucky.

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