“Tondela” – “Zhil Vicente”: forecast and rate of Vladislav Turov

Matches with Tondela are the highest scoring cards averaging 7 in the round (7.7 at home). However, the total for the match is set accordingly, i.e. very tall. It should be borne in mind that in addition to the LCD in the matches there are also a lot of penalties or KK. This season Tondela managed to get 2 KK and score 6 goals from the penalty spot. If you look at all the 15 rounds played, then 9 games were penalized or sent off.

Zhil Vicente also has 2 penalties and only 1 penalty kick. Moreover, in 15 rounds with the participation of “Petukhov” in 6 games there were penalties or send-offs.

The match will be served by Gustavo Correia, one of the most stringent referees of recent years on cards of any color. Last season, he was the leader in average number of rounds on penalties and among the leaders in CC. This season, in 4 completed rounds, he has 2 KK and 4 penalties. By the way, Correia appointed 3 penalties in Tondela’s home round against Maritimo!

In the fresh 4 personal meetings, there was invariably a send-off or a penalty in 3 cases.

Taking into account the manner in which the teams play, as well as the rather strict referee, the match may well be sent off or a penalty, and possibly both.

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