Top 5 mistakes when choosing a bookmaker

Top 5 mistakes when choosing a bookmaker

The choice of a bookmaker’s office must be taken with full responsibility, since many fraudulent sites have appeared on the Internet. Dealers manage to deceive not only beginners, but also experienced bettors. Fraudsters disguise themselves as a reliable bookmaker, copying the user agreement and other important details.

This article will focus on a popular topic: “Major mistakes when choosing a bookmaker… In conclusion, we will give some useful tips on how to avoid mistakes when choosing a bookmaker.

Choosing a bookmaker

Popular bookmakers are not always reliable

Only the lazy is not talking about this bookmaker, cappers shoot videos with millions of winnings and instant withdrawals. But fame is not always an indicator of reliability. Professional players can be in share with a bookmaker and get a percentage for attracted players. Before registering, you should always carefully study the rating of the best bookmakers.

A wide advertising campaign as a way to attract a newbie

Marketing campaigns exaggerate the value of the product by 90%, this also applies to bookmakers. A wide advertising campaign, especially with the participation of stars, simply lures a new audience to the site, and then it’s a matter of technology. You need to focus on those bookmakers that are advertised on thematic solid resources.

A lot of bonuses are not an indicator of honesty

Welcome money for bets, regular draws, increased odds especially for you – deception and marketing. You always want to get a nice present from the operator, but you will have to pay many times more. Each bonus has wagering requirements, and it is prohibited to withdraw money until the requirements are met. A reputable company offers loyal requirements and does not limit the withdrawal of winnings.

One office is not enough

Choosing a reliable office on your own, you will have to go through several sites, but do not stop at one. Open accounts in several bookmakers, use the rating of reliable bookmakers, make several bets. Usually, at the stage of the first game, it becomes clear whether the operator gives you everything you need. Thus, gradually 2-3 offices will remain in your personal TOP, in which you can comfortably spend time.

A place in the TOP of search results does not mean that the bookmaker is the best

You type a request into a search engine and get a list of BC. First of all, do not seek to immediately register in the top five. The first places in the TOP of the search results only mean that the developers have worked hard on the site: SEO-optimizers, authors of articles, and so on. In addition, the first ad spots in the SERP can be easily purchased.

How to choose a reliable bookmaker

A few simple tips will help you choose a trusted bookmaker:

  1. Read the ratings. After examining a couple of reviews written by experts, you can get the first impression of an unfamiliar bookmaker. Sportlight experts personally check all the characteristics of the bookmaker and provide independent assessments.
  2. Reputation and opening date. Indirect factors of reliability, but they can be taken into account together with other characteristics.
  3. Don’t trust ads. Many fraudulent offices were widely advertised on TV and in other media – MMM, Azino777, etc. What is the bottom line? If you need another opinion that will influence the choice, then read the ratings.
  4. Contacting support. If you have used all the listed tips and still have doubts, then attack the BC support service. Complete, detailed answers to your questions are a sign of a good resource.

Choose a bookmaker carefully, analyze, weigh, study the ratings. Useful tips and analysis of the main mistakes will help you find the best bookmaker and avoid disappointment in betting.

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