Total in boxing betting: features of predictions

Total in boxing betting: features of predictions

Bets on boxing in any bookmaker have their own specifics. Very often there is a clear favorite and an outsider in fights. Bets on the first with odds in the region of 1.07 – 1.1 will not bring much profit, and the chances of winning an obvious underdog will be low. That is why total in boxing bets is the optimal solution for fans of this sport. There are several types of total bets, which we will discuss below.

Boxing Total Betting

What does total mean in boxing bets?

If in football, hockey and many other sports there are many markets for total, then in boxing there are, in fact, two of them:

  • over / under total rounds bets;
  • bets on the exact total (number) of rounds;

Basically, these two markets are not very different from each other. The difference is that in the second case, you need to make a more accurate prediction, while in the first case, it is enough to guess whether the battle will last longer than a certain number of rounds. When betting on exact total, you can choose one round or a segment from several (1-3, 4-6, and so on) when, in your opinion, the battle will end.

How to bet on total in boxing

Depending on the status of the tournament, the duration of a boxing match may vary and range from 3 to 12 rounds. Therefore, if in a match of equal fighters you see the total of rounds in the region of 5.5 – 6.5, it is worthwhile to clarify in trusted sources in what format the battle will take place.

It is extremely important to familiarize yourself with the rules for accepting bets in a particular bookmaker before forecasting. For example, we will give an extract from the rules of the bookmaker’s office 1xBet (a legal bookmaker in Russia). In clause 4 under the title “Total Rounds Bet” it is stated: “The calculation takes into account the number of complete completed rounds only”.

For example, you bet over 6.5 rounds on total in the battle between Britons Daniel Dubois and Joe Joyce (scheduled for July 2020). The fighters spent 6 rounds, the gong sounded about the beginning of the 7th, but one of the rivals (for example, Joyce, who is underdog along the line) did not enter the ring. The bet is considered lost, as only 6 full rounds were played.

How to predict the total in boxing bets

How to predict the duration and total of a fight

Having figured out what total is in boxing, and what they are, we proceed to the next step – analysis and direct forecasting. In order to choose the correct total in a boxing match, a number of factors must be taken into account.

  1. Analyze the last fights of your opponents, their current form and condition. There are knockout boxers who love and know how to finish fights early and quickly. But at the same time, there are undefeated champions like the Ukrainian Oleksandr Usik, who rarely finishes the fights ahead of schedule, relying on his technique, stamina and footwork. Older fighters will start to get tired by the 6-7th round. Don’t forget about tournament level and motivation.
  2. Check how often this or that total was broken through in boxers’ fights with rivals of comparable level. For example, if there are two unequal fighters, it is worth looking at how often the favorite knocks out weaker opponents in the first half of the fight.
  3. Analyze the movement of the line. First of all, it is worth watching fights without the “top” prefix. Little-known fighters and their fights are watched only by professional cappers or experts, therefore it is recommended to follow the load in one of the directions, if there is one.
  4. Watch the preparation of the fighters for the fight. If there was a late replacement of one of the participants in the battle, there were problems with weight loss or other troubles that interfere with full preparation, the likelihood of a protracted battle is small.

Total bets in boxing are popular markets among beginners and professional bettors. With the right approach, this forecast option will bring a good win.

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