Totalizator strategy – the secrets of successful bets

Totalizator strategy – the secrets of successful bets

Tote is a type of bets offered by the bookmaker. Classic sweepstakes is a coupon of 12-15 matches, the player must choose the outcome for each match: a victory for one of the teams or a draw.

Secrets of the betting game

Sweepstakes rules

Let’s analyze the basic rules of the betting game. At first glance, it may seem that this is an ordinary express. But unlike classic sports betting, the amount won depends on the prize money.

Next to each event, the bookmakers indicate the probability of the outcome as a percentage. This is an analogue of odds from a line, so it is easier for players to navigate when choosing an outcome. After the bettor has made a choice for each proposed match, he chooses the amount of the bet. The higher it is, the greater the potential gain.

Where to bet on the tote? Almost every bookmaker accepts bets. As a rule, the bookmaker’s website has a separate section for toto.

The tote coupon looks like this:

Tote coupon

Tote betting has three features:

  • You can select multiple outcomes for one match, up to all. But this increases the value of the coupon exponentially. For example, the coupon price is 50 rubles. If you choose 2 outcomes in one match, then its cost will increase to 200 rubles, if you choose two outcomes in two matches, then the ticket price will be 400 rubles. In this case, the increase in the value of the coupon does not increase the potential winnings.
  • You do not have to guess the results of all the draw matches. As a rule, it is enough to choose the right outcome of 9 games. But the more results the player guessed, the greater the winning amount. If all the games in the coupon are correctly predicted, then the bettor gets the jackpot.
  • For each drawing, the player can issue an unlimited number of coupons. You can enumerate all the options, but in this case you will have to pay an astronomical amount.

Tote tactics

Using the peculiarities of accepting bets on tote, players have developed several strategies for effective bets.

Variant strategy

One of the most popular betting tactics. The bottom line is the following – the player chooses several matches in which he is not sure of the most and insures himself by closing several outcomes.

You shouldn’t do more than 2-3 such safety net. The main thing is to remember that you only need to guess 9 matches out of 15. If you make more safety net, for example 5, then if you lose, a big hole will form in the bank, and if you win, the player gets a small profit.

The ideal option is to choose 1-2 of the most controversial matches and place a bet on two outcomes or close all outcomes in one game.

The advantage of this strategy is an increased chance of winning in the sweepstakes. The disadvantage is a large cash cost with several unsuccessful rates in a row.

Brief System

The strategy of playing the betting “Brief System” also provides for several options for the outcome of one match. Then how does one betting tactic differ from another? In the “Variant” strategy, all possible outcomes are taken into account in one coupon. Playing by the “Brief System” players issue several coupons for each outcome. The least probable events are discarded, forming a kind of corridor rates, or incomplete surebets.

Let’s take an example. The player doubts 3 matches. There are 27 outcomes in total. To issue such a number of coupons is to drive yourself into the red. Therefore, two matches are taken and the number of options is reduced to 9. And the choice for the third game is made randomly. If you play according to the strategy of playing the “Variant” tote, then the amount of the bet will increase by 9 times. I play on the “Brief system”, you need to issue 9 coupons. So why is one option more profitable than the other? Of the 9 issued coupons, several can win, which means the amount of winning will be greater.

Tote play against the bookmaker

There are several strategies that are based on playing against the bookmaker’s office. The strategies of Mikhail Starikov are popular on the Russian Internet. He argues that bookmakers specifically adjust matches to prevent players from winning the jackpot.

The veracity of such statements is questionable. But there is a sound grain in the reasoning – bookmakers do not always adequately assess the teams’ chances and sometimes it is worth playing against the favorites. Ajax of the 2018-2019 season is a striking example of such a performance.

Tote betting against favorites

In the first game against Bayern, the odds for this team to win were about 15. The teams then drew. The odds for this outcome are 5.2. And right up to the Champions League semi-finals, the Amsterdamites were an outsider at the bookmakers.

In the sweepstakes, it is recommended to find several events in which the outsider has every chance to defeat the favorite. And issue several coupons or cover such events. Practice shows that in a selection of 15 matches 2-3 of them end with an unexpected result. The player’s task is to find matches and make the correct prediction for them.

Tote is an endless pursuit of the jackpot. Is it worth considering this type of bet as a means of earning – perhaps not. In fact, it is a sports lottery in which luck decides a lot. But as entertainment, the tote works great.

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