Tottenham – Crystal Palace: prediction and rate of Arthur Petrosyan

“Spurs” came in handy for a two-week break. The team was quite capable of fighting both Liverpool and West Ham in the League Cup quarterfinals. And there, and there Londoners got the desired result and made it clear that they are on a good track. They are now pressing well and a lot and effectively, as in the old days, they counterattack.

Palace did not look the best in the match against Southampton. The Saints were surprisingly tactically more competent and looked more thoughtful in possession. The “Eagles”, when faced with resistance, visibly drooped and were never able to seize the initiative.

I think that the hosts will set the tone here, play from a position of strength. It is not a fact, however, that this will lead to their victory, but it seems that it will lead to the fact that the game can turn out to be quite open. Spurs are vulnerable after losing the ball and when pressure fails, but Palace may well punish for that.

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