Tottenham – Crystal Palace: prediction and rate of Vladimir Chaplygin

In my previous forecast, I have already cited foul statistics for the last two seasons of the Premier League. Let me remind you that in the past, on average, 21.78 fouls were recorded per game, and the year before last the figure was 21.46. That is, the total offered by bookmaker analysts is above the league averages.

If we start from the statistics of the teams’ performance in the current season, then it will not be possible to find any clear indicators that foreshadow the total less in the upcoming match. For example, in their last 11 home games, Tottenham and its guests have fouled 21.9 times per game on average. In matches with the participation of “Crystal Palace” in the last 9 away games averaged 22.9 violations per game.

So what prompted me to bet on the total less? It’s all about the human factor, or to be more precise, the factor of the arbiter. The upcoming meeting will be serviced by Jonathan Moss. And he is not one of the often whistling judges. In his last 15 matches, he recorded 19 violations of the rules per game on average. If we take statistics for the last 20 games, then the average will drop slightly and will be 18.6. I think that the refereeing factor will matter more, therefore I suggest playing the total under 23.5 fouls.

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