“Traktor” – “Barys”: forecast and rate of Maxim Lebedev

Normally, Chelyabinsk citizens are thrown out of the fire and into the fire. First, 1: 5 from Ak Bars, followed by six goals from Severstal. And you sit and think what “Tractor” is real. In this regard, Barys is more calm and stable, but this does not mean at all that success awaits him in Chelyabinsk.

There are good reasons to assume that Traktor at home and Traktor at a party are slightly different teams. And the saying “Houses and walls help” is much more appropriate here than elsewhere. In this case, “Barys” will not be nice, of course, not like “Severstal”, which suddenly gave up winning, but beaten Kazakhstanis.

But you can’t lose to them. Because now Avtomobilist is collapsible, what if it starts playing? Kazakhstanis urgently need to create a safety cushion in this case, and here any point is worth its weight in gold.

Considering that both opponents lost to Ak Bars, that is, we have a common denominator to compare, and Barys looked more convincing than Traktor, but the match will be held in Chelyabinsk, I dare to assume a draw in regulation time. Then someone will win, but I’m not interested anymore …

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