Traktor – Severstal: forecast and rate. Guests will not lose in regular time

Team form

“Traktor” is a little out of shape. This was shown by the catastrophic match against Ak Bars – 1: 5. The Chelyabinsk team suffered only two defeats in the last five meetings, but both were defeated by strong leading teams (apart from Kazan, they lost to SKA 1: 4). You can only score points with opponents whose players are slightly weaker in level (Spartak 4: 1, Kunlun 3: 2OT and Siberia 4: 2).

Severstal has already suffered four defeats in a row. The team is poor at keeping the score: in two games out of the last five, Cherepovites scored first, and then lost (against Sochi 4: 5 and Avangard 2: 3). However, the team has one more interesting feature: Severstal has recouped three times, losing in the score and gaining points.

This season, the rivals have already met, that game ended with a 2-1 victory for Severstal in the shootout.

Bookmakers see Traktor as a favorite and give 1.74 odds for his victory in regular time, and four for Severstal.

Total bet and result

Severstal has forgotten how to win, but the team succeeds in gaining points despite the setbacks. In the last five meetings the team of Cherepovets suffered four defeats and only twice the team left the ice without a point.

“Traktor” is not in shape now, and is experiencing difficulties with strong opponents. The leaders are still too tough, but teams below the level also need to be butted: only in overtime they won Kunlun, beat Siberia, losing twice during the meeting. Chelyabinsk citizens can almost easily lose points, especially with such an unpleasant rival in terms of play as Severstal.

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Traktor has scored 2.4 goals on average in the last five meetings, while Severstal has scored 3.2. So the teams will definitely score their few goals for two.

Our rate

Double outcome: Severstal will not lose in regulation time, and the total total will be over 1.5 with a coefficient of 2.18.

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