Troyes – Brest: forecast and rate of Vladislav Turov

“Trois” is literally one foot in the red zone at a distance of 1 point. Of course, it is important to score at least some points against the middle peasants and more equal opponents, especially in home rounds. In general, at the home Stade de L’Haube, the league newcomer plays quite charged and scores in almost every match, namely in 8 out of 9 rounds. However, the defense very often makes mistakes, so they managed not to concede in just two matches.

This season Brest is very active in attacking, and the team succeeds. In the played 18 rounds, they failed to score only in the last home round, Montpellier (0-4). However, even in the disastrous last match, there were a lot of chances for a goal, but no luck. It happens! In any case, “Brest” itself plays in the attack and also allows opponents to play, especially away. In all 9 away rounds played, Ter-Zakaryan’s wards conceded.

As a result, we have a match of enough attacking teams, but not with the most reliable defense. Most likely, the match can turn out bright enough with a lot of chances and an exchange of goals scored.

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