Unsporting betting: the most unusual offers

Unsporting betting: the most unusual offers

The growing competition in the market of bookmakers forces the organizers of bets to come up with new “chips” for their clients from year to year. Someone arranges interesting promotions, others give bonuses, cashbacks. In addition, bets on unsportsmanlike events have long been present in the lines of many bookmakers. These can be political, sports-related events, or events that are absolutely far from the world of sports.

Eurovision, oscar, grammy, bitcoin betting

Types of unsportsmanlike events for betting in the bookmaker’s office

The sports industry is no longer able to cover the demands of the players, which are constantly growing. In this regard, bookmakers come up with a variety of thematic offers on non-sports topics. In the BC lines, there are often bets on the outcomes of political votes and events, weather, events of a scientific and even fantastic nature (up to the end of the world and the arrival of UFOs).

It is not entirely clear who and to whom will pay the winnings if Armageddon comes, but that is another question. The fact is, non-sporting events and sports betting go hand in hand. Today, sports bettors can wager on almost any unpredictable event. Due to the lack of an opportunity to conduct an analysis, the probability of winning may decrease, but a potential victory warms the soul of especially gambling bookmaker clients.

In many bookmakers there are bets that cannot be called sports. It is enough to go to the lines of major bookmakers, and we will see what they offer to bet on:

  • lotteries of the world (from Russia to New Zealand);
  • politics. Dozens of markets are offered – events in Ukraine, the USA, the European Union and other countries of the world. For example, you can bet that the United States, China or South Korea will free the DPRK from the current regime by the end of 2020;
  • Eurovision;
  • the results of the Grammy and Oscar awards in 2021;
  • that Netflix will announce the filming of a movie or TV series about the coronavirus pandemic;
  • on the “results” of COVID-19 and quarantine in different countries of the world (Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, Kazakhstan). For example, “In Belarus, for at least one day before June 1, 2020, the borders will be closed” or “WHO will announce the creation of a vaccine against COVID-19 by 09/01/2020”;
  • the weather;
  • dollar and euro exchange rates;
  • the price of oil and bitcoin;
  • landing on Mars or solar eclipse before a specific date.

Sports betting is also offered. For example, you can make a bet on what type of post on Instagram Cristiano Ronaldo will be: a video, a photo with a lover, a photo with children, etc. Dog racing bets are popular.

Betting on celebrities and public people

In the battle for customers, bookmakers come up with absolutely incredible, but therefore very interesting bets related to public figures. Here are just a few of the bets present in the lines for April 2020:

  • “Who will give birth to a child first, Nadya Dorofeeva or Nastya Kamenskikh?”;
  • Prince Harry’s First Paid Job, Duke of Sussex (11 options proposed);
  • “The battle between Vasily Utkin and Vladimir Solovyov will take place until 31.12.2020”;
  • you can try to guess which star couple will divorce or reunite before the end of the year: David and Victoria Beckham, Kanye West and Kim Kardashian, Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie, Liam Hemsworth and Miley Cyrus;
  • “Marijuana will be officially legalized in Russia until 12/31/2020.” Do you dare to predict?
  • do you believe in Ronaldo’s gay? For you there is a bet “Cristiano Ronaldo will come out before 31.12.2020”;
  • there are several suggestions for fans of Olga Buzova. For example, the proposed rate is “Olga Buzova will represent Russia at Eurovision at least once until 2023: yes or no.” You can also try to guess whether the presenter and singer will part with her current boyfriend David Manukyan by the end of 2020 and whether she will marry a football player at the same time;
  • What about the rate “the word coronavirus will be recognized as the main word of 2020 according to the Cambridge or Oxford Dictionary”?

Non-sporting event betting 2020

This is just a small part of the unusual offers that are present in the modern market of unsportsmanlike bets in bookmaker offices. Study your bookmaker’s line carefully and you will most likely find these and more incredible bets.

Bookmakers accepting bets on non-sporting events

Betting on non-sporting events has become very popular among bookmakers. All the leading bookmakers offer such markets in their lines.

You can find bets on non-sporting events at many bookmakers. Among the offices permitted on the territory of the Russian Federation, such bets are available from the bookmaker Marathon, BetCity, 1xStavka, and Parimatch. An important nuance is that in offshore (illegal in Russia) the line of non-sporting events is several orders of magnitude wider.

The advice for those who bet on non-sporting events does not differ from the advice for regular predictions. You cannot bet relying only on intuition. Before risking your money, you need to collect as much information as possible and analyze it, study the object of the bet. In this case, the probability of winning will increase significantly.

Again, you shouldn’t make predictions for fantastic markets. Having put on the end of the world, you are unlikely to know that your bet has worked, and you will definitely not take the winnings.

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