Utah – Dallas: forecast and rate. “Jazz” will deal with the protection of “Mavericks”


“Jazzmen” managed to interrupt a series of two home defeats, strange for themselves. First they defeated “Charlotte”, and then, returning to their usual home performance “for 120 points”, they also beat “Minnesota”, which had the lion’s share of the roster players in the covid protocol. The current rival has about the same situation, if not worse. At the same time, all the key Jazz performers are in the ranks. In such a scenario, it is perfectly understandable why the victory of “Utah” is estimated at 1.125. This match will be the last in a series of home battles. Ahead of the “jazzmen” is a difficult calendar of 8 games out of 12 away from home, so in such a battle, clearly no one wants to lose an easy victory.


The Mavericks have lost three of their last four battles. On the road, the indicators are better – 4 wins in the last 6 matches, but now all these moments do not matter. Roughly nine of the 15 players on the squad will be unable to participate. Recently signed players will play, including Brandon Knight, for example. Doncic will definitely not play. The big question mark is Porzingis, who was injured again and may not take part in the game. He missed the last two matches. In general, the current “Dallas” has nothing to do with the team that have played since the beginning of the season. Such a rival, “Utah” should disassemble into parts, because there is no one in Kidd’s team to resist.

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The handicap for the victory of “Utah” is approximately 12 points. In such situations, you can take the proposed option, but the total on “Utah” at the level of 113 points was of interest. For past matches, the total on “Jazz” is offered at the level of 117 points. Yes, “Mavericks” on the road since the beginning of the season missed more than 113 points only once, but now a completely different team will play in terms of composition and level of performers, and “Utah” has a fighting composition. At home, the “jazzmen” have scored more than 113 points in 9 of the last 12 battles, and now it is unlikely that such an opponent will be a problem for Queen Sneijder’s team.

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