“Valencia” – “Espanyol”: prediction and rate of Alexei Smirnov

The unbeaten run of “Valencia” in the Spanish example reached seven matches. She is now in eighth place with 28 points. “Espanyol” cannot boast of stability, but nevertheless it does not show the worst game, and therefore is in the middle of the standings – 11th position and 23 points. The hosts are the favorites of this meeting, but I’m not at all sure that they will be able to win.

They are betting against the “parrots” mainly because of an unsuccessful series of away matches: they have lost away four times in a row. True, almost all of these meetings can hardly be called a failure. Still, with terrible football, “Espanyol” was seen except in the battle with “Celta”. I think it is worth focusing on the fact that, in general, guests rarely lose. In addition, against clubs from the top of the table, they always come out to play with burning eyes. Also, we must not forget that the teams went on hiatus. If before the pause the teams of Jose Bordalas and Vicente Moreno began to score and concede a lot, then after the rest they should obviously have enough strength to defend more strictly. For this reason, seemingly obvious for many bets on the victory of “bats” and the broken total of goals can turn into dust.

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