“Verona” – “Modena”: forecast and rate of Timur Khabibullin

As part of the 14th round of the Italian championship, Verona will host Trentino at their arena.

Despite a bad start to the season, Verona are in 10th place by the middle of the championship, having won four of 12 matches. Young promising players in the face of Slovenian sideplayer Rock Mozic and Danish diagonal Mads Kid Jensen gradually began to reveal themselves in the Italian championship. Two attackers are quite actively loaded in the attack, who effectively try to cope with their task. At home, Verona is playing confidently this season, where they have won at least one game in each of the matches they played, and that is, at the home arena this season they managed to get four victories, since the results of the away matches are not yet added up. …

“Trentino” this season managed to achieve the most important victories only at home, as in away games Angelo Lorenzetti’s wards show a less positive balance, where in five games they won only three matches, and in four out of five matches, at least lost by one batch. This season, they lost one game away from the championship outsiders – Taranto (3: 1) and Vibo-Valentia (3: 1).

It seems to me that in the upcoming match, Verona is able to win one of the games on the balance sheet, and the home court should add more motivation for the players. This season the teams played against each other in the first round, where Trentino won 3-0 in a rather stubborn struggle, while Verona had four set points in the second game, but failed to convert one. In the home match, Verona’s chances are quite realistic, not even in winning the game, but in fighting for victory in the match, if, of course, the volleyball players show a team game. Still, I consider a positive handicap in sets (+2.5) to Verona, which try to get as many points as possible in home games, which is justified by the statistics, as a more advantageous position.

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