Viktoria Golubich – Leslie Kerkhove: forecast and bets by Yaroslav Perkanyuk

Victoria Golubich

Golubich demonstrated in practice that at any age you can radically change your game and reach a completely new level. For many seasons, the representative of Switzerland spent all the time at ITF tournaments and with a scratch kept in the top 100. But last year, the tennis player made her debut in the top 50 and is currently ranked 43rd in the WTA tour ranking.

Golubic’s breakthrough is due to the fact that she stopped playing on the court only with the second number. Victoria began to play in a super-aggressive manner, investing in every blow and imposing her own rules on her opponents. It is worth noting the variable one-handed backhand Golubic, with the help of which she began to score goals, and not, as before, only interrupt and wait for mistakes. But the Swiss woman still serves extremely poorly.

Leslie Kerkhove

It is difficult to expect a breakthrough from Kerkhova, the girl is already 30 years old, and to this day she has no experience of performing at a high level. Leslie spends most of her playing time at budget ITF tournaments. But even at this level, the representative of the Netherlands does not always manage to make her way to the final stages. Kerkhove spent seven seasons in a row in the top 200.

Kerkhove occasionally softens blows, she focuses on attacking play and tries to sharpen from any position on the court. Not infrequently, all this leads to a huge number of errors. Leslie has a good serve and scores a lot of easy points thanks to the first ball.

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Analysis of the fight

Both tennis players are extremely unstable in their games. Therefore, there will be plenty of breaks, which I propose to put on. If we talk about the winner, then Golubich looks preferable, but at the start of the season it is not yet clear what to expect from the matches, especially in the WTA tour.

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