Villarreal – Levante: forecast and rate. “Yellow submarine” will drag “frogs” to the bottom

Team form

Villarreal gave the best stretch of the season. He scored five wins in a row and burst into the Top 10 Examples. Inexplicable, but true: this was the first time this season.

Before the pause, the “yellow submarine” smashed the “Alaves” (5: 2) and sank to the bottom, in the literal sense. She hasn’t released one news in two weeks.

While La Liga announced new cases of covid infection, Emery’s team refused to communicate with reporters. Did the same Levante

Only Marca found out that five “frogs” still tested positive for COVID-19. She did not disclose the names of the players, but they were the leaders.

It is unclear how the loss of the tops will affect Levant. The Frogs remain the only La Liga team that has yet to win this season.

In the last round, Levante lost to Valencia (3: 4). This defeat was already the third for the “frogs” in five rounds. It left the command for two tables.

Outcome bet

Bookmakers give preference to owners. Villarreal’s victory goes for 1.38, draw – for 5.50, the success of Levante – for 8.30

Note that the “yellow submarine” won three of the last five head-to-head matches. Once the “frogs” were stronger. Another meeting ended in a draw.

Therefore, in the upcoming game, it is interesting to bet Home for 1.38… “Levante” hopelessly settled at the bottom of the table. He has not won a single victory in the new season.

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But the problems of the “frogs” were not limited to this. Because of the covid, they lost several leaders. This only made the situation worse.

Therefore, the victory of Villarreal seems to be a matter of time – 90 minutes.

Handicap bet

The bet is interesting in the upcoming game Home (0)but it comes with a ridiculous ratio – only 1.10… Everything here is the same as in the case of the outcomes.

Only in this situation is there a little reassurance. If the teams sign a draw, a refund will be calculated.

Total bet

Bookmakers are convinced that the game will be riding. Total goes more for 1.51, less – for 2.49… Note that four of the last five matches with the participation of these teams were riding.

Therefore, in the upcoming game, it is interesting to bet TB (2.5) for 1.51, and that’s why. Villarreal have hit 20 goals in 5 games. The attack of the “yellow submarine” did not look so powerful yet.

At Levante, the situation was mirrored. The Frogs got 11 holes in 5 games. That is, she conceded an average of two goals in 90 minutes.

Therefore, in the upcoming game, the TB rate (2.5) for 1.51 is interesting.

Bet on the match “Villarreal” – “Levante”

I will assume that Villarreal will win and the game will be riding.

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