Vityaz – Dynamo Minsk: forecast and bet of Maxim Lebedev

The Moscow Region team will just start their program for 2022 with a match with the “bison”, while the Minskers have already managed to beat the formidable Severstal in Cherepovets. Nizhny Novgorod lost, HC Sochi is far away – in general, Dynamo are doing well.

The “knights” are doing well too, with the only difference that they will not play in the playoffs this season. Therefore, they are now acting very relaxed, and every other time it brings decent results. Maybe, by the way, we can bring it in the upcoming match, but there is a small caveat: a week’s pause after the last match in 2021 will probably require a minimum period for the return of the game tone. And during this period the Minskers, in principle, can decide the outcome of the match.

In addition, this season, the rivals have made it a rule to bomb each other away, having already exchanged guest victories once. I think that Minsk dwellers are quite happy with the new tradition now, and they will try to multiply it. And, in principle, they have everything necessary for this, plus a positive attitude, which they, together with two glasses, brought from Cherepovets.

Conclusion: the away victory of Minsk “Dynamo” in a fairly abundant match in terms of goals scored. In regular time and with more than one goal advantage.

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