Vityaz – Dynamo Riga: forecast and bet by Maxim Lebedev

The pause turned out to be “not in the horse feed” in relation to the residents of Riga, who somehow completely hopelessly yielded at home to the Minsk “teammates”. If Krikunov is already powerless there, then hardly anyone at all can help the “krapovy”. It seems that there needs to be a big personnel shakeup, but will there be in small Latvia, from where a third of the population has already fled, players of at least the same level as they are now?

And then the residents of Riga come to Podolsk near Moscow, where “Vityaz” itself is not far from the residents of Riga, but at least positively completed the previous segment of the regular season, having won twice in a row. That is, at the moment we understand that the residents of Riga, even with Krikunov, are not at all (or overloaded, as is usually the case with Vasilich, and they will run and even fly in two or three matches), but we do not know at all what kind of Vityaz.

In this scenario, the victory of the penultimate team of the Western Conference against the last team of the same conference, and even on their own ice, seems to be the most likely decision. This is how we write it down: in a difficult struggle between two western losers, Vityaz will win a calloused victory with a minimal advantage in the score, but at the same time in regulation time.

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