Vityaz – Severstal: forecast and rate of Maxim Lebedev

In recent years, it has somehow imperceptibly become a habit that the Vityaz itself and its game begin to be liked by others when all the polymers are gone, to the playoff zone, as to China on all fours, and nothing shines. This season was no exception, and “Vityaz” played easily and freely, only hitting the bottom when only Riga “Dynamo” pounded from below. So now the Podolsk residents are rolling: and even though it is not at all possible to deal with the oligarchy, they crush the equal into small cabbage cheerfully and fervently.

So Severstal runs the risk of being hit by Vityaz as if it were an asphalt paver, because it does not fit the definition of an oligarchy, and it doesn’t like to play in Podolsk, because it lost five matches out of the last six there. All right, the people of Cherepovets would need glasses like air, and they would have to gnaw at the “knights” for the result, but no. Severstal’s position is quite strong, one or the other does not make the weather, therefore, there is no point in dying on the Podolsk ice for the northerners.

All this together predicts the unenviable fate of Severstal in the Moscow region, despite the fact that, in general, Andrei Razin’s team is playing quite successfully. But there is a suspicion that not this time. Therefore, I will predict that Vityaz will eventually win and score two points, but I will not predict how and at what time.

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