Volleyball Odd / Even Betting

Volleyball Odd / Even Betting

Any sport is a continuous pattern. Volleyball does not stand alone. But it should be noted that in the odd / even bet in volleyball, the laws of mathematics and the theory of probability operate rather than knowledge of specific volleyball teams and their players. Because no matter how hard you try, it’s impossible to guess the exact score in volleyball. This has its advantages: you do not need to constantly monitor many teams and individual players in order to know what form this or that team is in.

Volleyball Odd / Even Betting

The essence of odd / even betting in volleyball

Types of rates and their meaning

Odd / even bets in volleyball can be divided into 2 types:

  • even and odd values ​​in a particular batch;
  • even and odd values ​​throughout the match (points scored by two teams during the match are summed up).

It is easier to bet on odd / even in a particular game, since in this case you will not have to wait long for the outcome of the bet, and it also becomes possible to make at least three bets per match, since at least three games are played in a volleyball match.

Even value

If the game ended with a score of 25:17, then the total number of points scored by the two teams is 42. If this number is divided by two, then we get 21 (that is, this number is divisible by two without a remainder). Thus, if you bet on an even value, then your bet will win in this case.

Odd value

This value will take place if the total number of party points earned by two teams is not divisible by two without a remainder. For example, the teams finished the game with a score of 25:18. 25 + 18 = 43; 43/2 = 21.5. In this case, the odd bet wins.

An even total value in a volleyball game falls out more often than an odd one, since according to the rules of volleyball, the game in a party goes up to 25 points, but if the gap between the teams is less than 2 points, then the game continues until one of the teams breaks away in the score by 2 points. Thus, if the score in the party is 23-23, then in any case the bet on even will win. Therefore, bookmakers give higher odd odds.

An example of an odd / even bet in volleyball

When betting on odd / even in volleyball, you can apply the Martingale strategy (Martingale is a betting strategy in gambling based on the fact that the player raises the bet until he gets a win).

Let’s analyze how the Martingale strategy is applied on a real bet. If you made a bet and it lost, then the next bet must be doubled in relation to the previous one. So, if you bet 1 dollar on odd in the party, and she lost, then next time bet 2 times more, that is, 2 dollars, if the second bet was also losing, then put 4 dollars and so on until your the bid will not win. Since the probability of winning in this type of bets is quite high (about 50 percent), your bet, simply based on the theory of probability, will not constantly lose, and after winning it will compensate for all previous losses. An important point with this strategy: do not change the type of bet until it wins (if you started to bet on even, continue to bet on even and vice versa). After winning, you can change the type of bet.

It should be noted that in volleyball bookmakers always give a larger coefficient for odd values ​​(usually from 2 to 2.5), and for even ones, usually a coefficient of about 1.5, therefore, when applying the Martingale strategy, it is more expedient to bet on odd. If you are at least a little versed in volleyball or just heard from someone that a clear favorite is playing with an outsider, then you can also bet on odd, since in this case, the option is close to zero in which there will be a stubborn struggle and play for more less ”, respectively, the odd chance in such games is close to 50 percent. And, conversely, if you see that there are teams of approximately equal strengths and the first games ended with a slight advantage of one of them, then you can bet on even.

The chance of winning can also be increased by analyzing the outcome of previous games with the participation of a particular team. So, if three games in a row with the participation of a certain team ended in even, then there is a high probability of an odd total outcome in the next game.

Is it possible to earn even / odd bets

The odd / even bet in volleyball refers to a specific type of bet. Here, as a rule, deep knowledge of this sport will not help you, since there is an element of randomness, but with the proper approach and on this type of bet, you can get rich and increase your capital if you adhere to the above rules.

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