“Washington” – “Nashville”: forecast and rate of Pavel Lysenkov

Another match in which Alexander Ovechkin will take another step towards Wayne Gretzky’s record.

Washington haven’t played for 11 days. And this pause was very opportune for the Capitals, which performed well, but not entirely stable. Because there were many injured in the squad who got into the covid protocol.

This pause will allow, for example, Evgeny Kuznetsov to get out of there – he has been sitting there for a long time. And if it comes back now, “Washington” will become noticeably stronger.

Nashville rested the same 11 days, four matches of the team were postponed. At the same time, the Predators performed cheerfully, having a streak of three victories.

Particular attention is paid to Nashville striker Yakov Trenin, who has gained excellent shape in recent days.

In this match, I would have taken the odds of 2.25 for Washington to hit the individual total of 3.5, that is, to score from four goals. Playing at home, after the Christmas break – it seems that the Capitals should have a wagon, and Ovechkin is highly motivated.

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