“Washington” – “Nashville”: forecast and rate of Vitaly Slavin

After a Christmas hiatus of almost a week due to an outbreak in Canada, the NHL returned to the game with three games in Tampa, San Jose, Los Angeles. The league marked its return with a record performance – 33 goals! This is due to the fact that in most clubs the main goalkeepers, including our Vasilevsky in Tampa, as well as Georgiev in the Rangers, ended up in the covid protocol.

I believe that an increased total should be expected in the US capital. Moreover, Evgeny Kuznetsov came out of quarantine at Washington and has been training in the general group for several days. In addition, the Capitals called defender Alekseev from the farm club without NHL experience to replace the suspended ones, and this, whatever one may say, is also an argument in favor of greater performance.

Before this pause, Washington did not have a single postponed match. But “Nashville” should grieve much more: by the Christmas break, the “predators” won seven victories in a row and were entrenched in the cup zone of the Western Conference. And here is such a bummer! You will have to pick up the pace anew.

However, as well as the “capital” Ovechkin. Therefore, any team can win in this pair with equal chances. But the total is quite logical to expect high. I think there should be at least six goals in regulation time.

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