Water polo betting: key features

Water polo betting: key features

Recently, in reliable bookmakers, you can often find bets on water polo (water polo – in English). Not so long ago, this sport, played in the pool, was not very popular among players, and it was not often possible to find it in the lines. But now, with the development of betting all over the world, even unpopular sports disciplines are available for betting.

water polo - how to play

A bit of history – how water polo came to be

The roots of water polo go back to the Middle Ages in Japan, where historians have seen something similar to this sport in the surviving drawings. However, in its modern form, this sports discipline appeared later: in the middle of the 19th century in England.

She quickly gained popularity, spreading all over the world. The result was the appearance of the water floor at the Olympic Games already in 1900, though only in men. Women had to wait as much as 100 years until 2000.

In this sport among men’s national teams, Hungary, Great Britain, Croatia, Spain, Italy traditionally demonstrate good results. And among the women – the company of national teams from the USA, Italy, Australia and the Netherlands.

Fundamental rules

Water polo is played in the pool, two teams of 8 people each oppose each other. The game projectile is a yellow ball, which the participants pass to each other with their hands. The main task of the team is to score the ball into the opponent’s goal.

The match consists of 4 periods of 8 minutes each. The team has 30 seconds to attack, during which it must make a throw at the opponent’s goal. If this does not happen, the ball automatically passes to the opponent. In this regard, water polo is somewhat reminiscent of basketball.

As we said, the ball is passed to each other through passes with hands over the water. It is forbidden to put a game projectile into water or sink. The player can independently dribble the ball, but this is allowed only by touching with his hands while swimming.

As far as violations of the rules are concerned, here water polo resembles hockey. For each foul recorded by the referee, the offending player is penalized with a 20-second suspension, during which his team plays in the minority. For some violations, a team may be penalized with a free throw. When a player collects 3 fouls, he can no longer continue to participate in the match.

Popular types of bets on water polo

  • A bet on the outcome of the match. This is the most common type of bet, where the bookmaker offers to bet on one of the sides to win or on a draw.
  • Handicap bet. As in other sports, the bettor can bet on one of the teams with a handicap (handicap). This is especially true in matches between opponents of different classes.
  • Total bet. This is another popular type of betting, the essence of which is trying to guess the number of goals scored in a match. Total can be team (goals scored by both teams) and individual (goals scored by one team).
  • A bet on the outcome of a period. This type of bet is no different from betting on the outcome of the match, the only difference is that the player does not bet on the entire match, but only on one of its periods.
  • Long-term rates. Usually, the line offers such bets for a large popular tournament such as the Olympics or the World Cup. The client of the bookmaker’s office can bet before the start or during the competition on the victory of one of the teams.

Important points in water polo betting

Water polo is a fairly predictable sport where the favorites win most matches. It is not uncommon for the strongest teams to win 20-30 victories in a row in all competitions.

Special attention should be paid to the goalkeepers of each team, since they play a very important role in the final success. Try to find out in advance not only about their physical condition, but also about their psychological state.

The moment a team moves from defense to attack is key in water polo. Those teams that do it with lightning speed have a much better chance of success.

Another feature: some teams play dirty, and they have several players in their roster, whose task is to neutralize the opponents’ leaders. The loss or simply the discomfort of a leader can greatly affect the result of his team.

It’s better to never bet on friendly matches, because in them coaches often experiment with line-up and tactics for the game, which means they don’t care about the result. Moreover, you usually do not know anywhere in advance what the composition and attitude of the team will be for a friendly game. Collectives can easily paint the world and be satisfied with this result.

The form of the team directly depends on the schedule of its matches. If the team has a tense segment, think carefully about whether it is worth betting on it. Look at the length of the bench to see if the team has a decent lead change.

When preparing for the matches, especially carefully study the results of the last matches of each of the teams, their motivation and personal meetings.

Pay attention to where the game is going. In water polo, the home court factor is especially important and not even because of the support of the fans, but because the owners know the home pool inside and out. Sometimes matches are played in open areas, this also needs to be taken into account when preparing for a bet.

Secrets of a Successful Game

Since water polo is not the most common sport, betting on it is strikingly different from football or hockey. This is what you need to build on during the game.

  • The first difference is that there are no known strategies for water polo betting. This means that you yourself can develop a strategy for yourself and play according to it. All in your hands.
  • The second difference is that analysts at bookmakers are poorly versed in this sports discipline and do not form the line as correctly as in the same football. Often, the bookmaker’s odds often change under the pressure of the players’ bets. It often happens that the initial favorite becomes an outsider and vice versa.
  • The third difference smoothly follows from the second and consists in the mistakes that the bookmaker makes in the line at the prematch and online. This happens all the time in water polo, so it can and should be used.

If you are going to bet on water polo on a regular basis, you can really profit from it. But for this, you yourself need to thoroughly understand this not the most popular sport and thoroughly prepare for each match. Then you can be better informed about the balance of power than bookmakers, make a good prediction, find a value bet and make money on it.

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