“Watford” – “Tottenham”: prediction and rate of Ivan Mlechny

Another English Premier League match that I would like to discuss is the meeting between Watford and Tottenham. Let’s get started!

“Watford” at the start of the season with grief in half, but still scored some points, but now things are too bad. The team has lost five matches in a row and has already slipped to 17th place. And this is provided that very soon a huge budget will pour into Newcastle, so that the team does not fly out, so it will be a very difficult task not to be relegated to the Championship this year. The big problem is that there are a lot of injured players who gave results at the start of the season, and without them things don’t go well at all.

With the arrival of Conte, Tottenham is slowly gaining momentum, although misfires, as in the match with Southampton, also happen. And this provided that Southampton played with ten men from the 39th minute. But again, Kane finally woke up and started scoring. It can be seen that Conte was still able to exert the necessary influence on the star striker, so that he did not behave like a child.

London’s Arsenal have to play City and in this match they may well lose points, so it is very important for Tottenham to win this match in order to get closer to the fourth line and the coveted place in the Champions League. My prediction for this match is Tottenham’s victory with a -1 handicap. I think the current Spurs should be able to beat opponents like Watford without difficulty, especially if they want to return to the Champions League next year, because Conte is unlikely to come to this club to play in the Conference League. Good luck!

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